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Week 6 run 1 completed at 2nd attempt


Not easy but every time I wanted to stop just remembered how fed up I was at failing on Monday. Still not easy today but I did it so a little self confidence restored 😄

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Week6 r1 often catches people out - following on from the heady excitement of completing wk5 r3, so don't feel bad! The positive is that you used the first attempt to see you through the second. Well done! You are well into the home straight now - only 1interval run left. :)

Wizzie1967Graduate in reply to agedsnailspace

I think I quite like running intervals😄

JoolieB1Graduate in reply to Wizzie1967

Since week 7, I discovered intervals make it harder and more painful for me. Continuous running allows me to get through the uncomfortable "I want to walk" phase and into my stride

Well done. The hard runs are good (and even enjoyable to some extent) for their own reasons. Yes, it's better to have the day where you're "walking on air", but knowing that you were brave and gritty does have its satisfactions. At some point it'll get better. You might be going too fast, you know? (And you'll probably be hearing more about this as you progress).


Hooray, well done! For some reason week6 is a real tough one. Keep plugging away - you won't be sorry!


Week 6 is tough especially after doing week 5, run 3 when you think u must be invincible now! Just think about one run at a time and as for the 20 minute run, nice and slow and steady with good breathing - and rest between run days, u will do it 😀


Week 6 is tough I couldn't believe how I felt with the interval runs it really knocked me about. But good for you for not letting it get to you too much. Well done.

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