I'm glad I went out

Got up this morning on my day off (only now work 3 days a week :) ). Cup of tea on the sofa with dog watching the news. Thinking what other people at work would now be doing :). I knew I really needed to go out today. I haven't "run" for a week. I'm not quite sure why not, but have no real excuse. Mental musings this morning went something like this... It is a lovely morning, but can't really be bothered. I think I might use the treadmill (we bought it last year and used it in the Winter when it was always too dark after work). It's easier than getting all the stuff together to go out and run. But then dog enjoys "running" - would be a shame not to kill two birds , as it were - but I really can't be bothered. But a pity not to take dog out - a run on the treadmill would be a waste of a dog walk/run. but I can't be bothered, but that's silly. If I'm going to run, I might as well go outside and please dog as well. Before the "can't be bothered gremlin" got back to me I was off the sofa and getting ready - sports bra, jogging trousers, poo bags, garmin, phone, headphones, dog treats. While I was still upstairs, the dog was getting excited. How do they KNOW?

Anyway I'm so glad I went out. I'm redoing C25K and on week 8. We went into the woods. I jogged VERY slowly for 30 mins, and actually enjoyed it after the first 5 mins or so. Because i went so slowly, I managed the quite steep up and down muddy inclines, without feeling awful. It was nice and cool, but sunny - dappled sunshine through the trees on the muddy paths, covered with tree roots. We covered 5k altogether in about an hour, including the 30 min jog, so, as I said, VERY slow, but it was nice - the sort of outing that makes you want to go out again rather than trying to go faster and hating it. And we now have a very contented dog fast asleep on the sofa nursing one of my trainers which she has retrieved from the hall.


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  • Good post- and good for you. Your run sounds lovely. I would love to travel and visit your country. It sounds beautiful. Way to go!!!!

  • well done on beating the gremlins! and its lovely to have a contented dog too, i love runs through the forest! :)

  • Sounds lovely! If ever I feel ambivalent about going out, a couple of minutes on this forum always fires up my enthusiasm again!

  • Yes!! There's nothing like spending a bit of time on here to get you all fired up for a run. :)

  • :-) Lovely account. How do they KNOW? You are their one obsession. Nothing you do is unimportant. They stalk you quietly, and they get to know what you're about to think before you start to think it, eventually.

    I'd say planning thing so that you're going to look forward to it is intelligent running. The main purpose for the vast majority of us is to achieve a sense of well-being. It's probably better to put an immediate goal like that at the forefront, rather than the longer term things like fitness and robustness to help with health. Of course there will come some other day where you go out there to go fast, mainly because that's what feels like it's going to give you the best satisfaction for that run. Sometimes even a bit of masochism is fun. Main thing is make sure you're going to look forward to it, like you've done here, though.

  • A great post. Thanks.

    Sometimes toodling along slowly and enjoying the view is the best thing ever.

  • You have to get out with the dog everyday so you might as well kill two birds with one stone if your dog is up for running. What a great thing to be able to do! Keep on doing it!!! It's good for both of you

  • Thanks. I run so slowly that the dog just trots beside me, so it's not too strenuous for her. Only snag is that she sometimes crosses over just in front and nearly trips me up, or smashes me in the shin with a stick (branch) that she has found.

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