Wk5r1...After a 14 day break I still was able to do it !

Thanks everyone for encouraging me to just give it a go again. I may have stopped without your help. I had a 2 week break with sickness then injury. This morning Cleo my dog and i started out with a long walk to warm up including an extra few minutes of walking at the begining ...then off we went and never looked backed . We went slowly but we made it. I'm just so happy to have we persisted. Can't wait for Wednesday morning now!

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  • Hiya -Well done for getting wk 5 over. I know its hard to get back into the sessions after being ill. :)

  • Fantastic! Well done!!

  • Well done you, hope you stay fit and healthy with no more set backs.

  • That's great, well done :)

  • Well done, gone through a mini slump myself the last few weeks but back in to it with gusto this morning thanks to this forum! x

  • Thanks everyone :)

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