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First skipped run - feeling bad!

Today I have 'excused' out of the first run on my C25K journey...not a great feeling!

I over did it at Bodypump earlier in the week and am still feeling achy, that plus a stressful day at work and I've given up and decided not to go out.

Not sure if being a bit nervous to start week four has anything to do for it, as I know the stress from work would be helped by running and I'd return feeling much happier!

Hoping this is a one off, as I've made it to the end of week 3 without missing a run and I'd been so looking forward to my runs - does anyone have any tips for overcoming can't be botheredness?

Going to spend some time reading all the inspirational posts on here to get me back in the zone, hopefully I'll be putting my trainers back on first thing!

F x

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Don't get disheartened - one missed run is no big deal. Don't know what body pump is, but it sounds very strenuous! if you were aching because you'd spent the day eating cake and lying on the settee, you'd have more grounds to feel bad (I say that as a big cake and couch fan!) I found week 4 a turning point for me as my lungs seemed to have made a big improvement and with the longer sessions of running the sense of achievement was fab.

Get your trainers on and get out there! You know you want to! :)


Don't beat yourself about this. You often find that after an extra recovery day your body copes even better on the next run, so when you go out tomorrow you'll have a brilliant first run of Week 4. I don't always manage to get out every other day and I've found it has helped to sometimes leave a couple of days now that my runs are longer. I'm starting Week 9 tomorrow. Yikes!! Good luck with your running. Claire. X


Don't worry about it and just get yourself out there next time! Running gear on and out the door without over thinking about it. I struggle if I spend too much time thinking about my run as the gremlins start to find excuses for me! I would say if you were achy then then extra rest will probably do you good. I have skipped a couple of sessions due to kidney infection and beating winding and it hasnt dented my progress other than slowing me down reaching week 9 (which I start at the weekend). Go know you want to ;)


I agree with nomorejellybelly: just call it an extra rest day and get back out again as soon as possible. Extra rest days are fine... and since you're being physically active with that body pump routine, it might just be the case that your body NEEDS the extra day or even two. :D I took plenty throughout my C25K, and still managed to graduate within a reasonable period (10 weeks).

Don't worry about losing momentum or the "can't be botheredness" becoming a habit... it won't.

Always a good idea to read past blogs... ;-)


an extra rest day can be very beneficial, but just one or two ;-) You do have to listen to your body, but don't make too many excuses ;-)

You will be fine, a good night's sleep and you'll be ready to get back out there. Don't forget to let us know how it went, when you do.


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