A very wet second runniversary!

I can hardly believe that it is two years since I took my very first tentative steps out the door with Laura offering encouragement in my ear! Since then, Runkeeper tells me I have done 302 runs clocking up 1,481km. Unbelievable!

I was determined to run today. Woke up to pouring rain but one of the beauties of being retired is that I can be flexible about when I run. The local BBC forecast said it would ease up about 10am so I decided to wait. It did clear by about 9.45 so I set out. I thought I would just do a couple of laps round the village instead of using my usual farm tracks as it was so wet. Just when I got half way round I saw men at work on the lane - a water leak and the whole road was flooded. I went up on the verge which was also very squidgy and decided that the farm track seemed a better bet after all.

I wonder how many runners have sustained injuries trying to leap around the deepest puddles? Fortunately I was muddy but unscathed but with decidedly damp feet! True to form, the heavens opened when I was at the furthest point from home ( damn you BBC!) and I returned home like a drowned rat but laughing all the way. Once you are truly wet it sort of doesn't matter anymore does it?

This running makes such a difference to your life in all sorts of ways and introduces you to a new world of technical gear, fartleks, PBs, ITBs as well as the friendliest crowd I have ever come across.

Roll on the next two years!


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45 Replies

  • Ha ha! Love the tags!

  • Happy happy runniversary, Ully! 😊 🏃🏃🏃👟

    That's a big old distance you've covered since you started; it's amazing, isn't it, the speed at which progress is made, all thanks to starting this great program?!

    You did right getting out today; a runniversary run is a must! Sounded like it was eventful, and most of all, fun!

    Absolutely right; when I did my long run on Saturday, I got so drenched that I, was past the point of getting any soggier, or muddier, so I gave up avoiding massive puddles and just ploughed through the lot of them. Hopping around them would either have led to a dive in the canal or a twisted ankle. Safer to barrel through them! Rain running is fun though, you have to laugh at all the funny looks you get from non-runners!

    You're another C25K success story. Here's to many more happy runniversaries! Happy running! 🏃

  • Thanks MY - nothing to rival your exploits but I'm pretty pleased that I've kept at it!

  • Bon Runiverssaire Ully :)

  • Merci Monsieur!

  • What's a little bit of rain? Look on the bright side - at least it wasn't a snowstorm, earthquake or tornado ;)

    I hate going out in the rain, but if it starts part way round it doesn't tend to bother me. If it gets too bad, it's a good excuse to go for that PB - how quickly can you get home and into the shower?

    Congratulations on your runniversary. Enjoy it!

  • Thanks Adam. I normally do my best to avoid the rain - to the point of having a treadmill in the garage. It's a toss up as to which I hate the most!

  • Now I'll agree about hating dreadmills, but to hate your garage!!! What's it ever done to upset you? ;)

  • Congrats Ully!!!!! Two years, same as me! Mine was last Saturday.

    I crocked an ankle running up a hillock!!!! That hillock haunts me now and I am dead wary when I WALK it now. I call it the Hill of Death! Know thine enemy. LOL

    I agree with you, when you're wet it doesn't matter how much wetter you get does it. It's very energising though and strangely affects our funny bone! You run home giggling like a loon. Inexplicable behaviour!

    I hope we never lose the thrill of it!

    Good luck and happy running. Here's to Year 3! Cheers me dear x

  • Thanks Miss W - didn't realise we were such contemporaries. Think you've achieved a bit longer distances than me though! As you say - here's to year 3!

  • Congratulations on your runiversary! You are a very supportive member on this forum so thanks on behalf of everyone for all your help and advice.

    I remember my very first run on C25k in June this year and it was a complete deluge too, you did just have to laugh I agree - I did wonder what I was letting myself in for but I can't imaging not running now (which is an amazing statement on my part!) rain or not!

    At least you will remember the occasion!

  • Thanks, that's very kind of you. I just love this forum!

    Runners rain or shine, that's us!

  • Roll on the next TWENTY years, Ully!!!

    The fact that lives can be changed by such a simple thing as starting to run, with the support of this forum, never ceases to amaze and delight me. We are the lucky ones.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thanks IT - I need to beat the likes of Bazza, so twenty years it is!

  • Happy Anniversay - and may there be many more.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Aw bless you Ully xxxx

    A very Happy 2nd Runniversary to you , you are such a lovely , supportive lady and I wish you many , many more Happy Running adventures :-) xxx

  • Back at you Missus!

    I'm very good at cheering from behind!

  • Happy runnerversay and many many more to come.

  • Thanks RFC - and as always, thanks for all you do for the forum!

  • Congrats on the runniversary, Ully. Nearly 1500Km is quite a feat.

    I love the rain.

  • It is a long way isn't it! I am still a baby runner though.

  • Congratulations! Sounds like many goals have been reached and surpassed over the last two years Ullyrunner. Here's to all those that lie ahead! 😀

  • Happy runniversary! 2 years! Isn't it lovely to keep on enjoying this thing we've found. Running in the rain is brilliant, makes me feel even more childlike than normal. x :-)

  • Well maybe, on occasion, although personally I prefer to avoid rain!

  • Congratulations

  • yeah a very happy runniversary Ully :D that is a lot of runs and km's , well done Ully ... it is truly an amazing world we now preside in :D here's to all the future year s Ully :D

  • Thank you very much

  • Well done Ully. A fair old distance you've covered there !

  • I know it's amazing! All in small chunks though. The furthest I've ever run is 8k.

  • Massive congratulations Ully. That's a lot of running and a lot of support you've given to your fellow runners on here. 🍰 Have a slice or two of Runniversary cake. 🍰 xx

  • Ooh thank you. I love cake!

  • Happy 2nd runniversary!! Wow! That's great distance and number of runs!!! Sounds like a run to remember! I was due to go out tonight but am all snotty so decided to wait til tomorrow as it's pouring here. I love the rain though!!! Hope you have many more happy runny years!!! Xxx

  • Thank you very much.

  • Congratulations - stats to be proud of!

  • Thanks AR!

  • Happy runniversary Ully xxx

  • you sound like you had good fun despite the rain! what a brilliant 2 years Ully, and you give such good support on here! CONGRATULATIONS!! :)

  • That's very kind of you. Thank you Ali.

  • Happy run anniversary!! Many congratulations!! That is an amazing distance you have clocked up!! 😃 I can't agree with you more it's a magical this running stuff!!

    I raise my morning coffee to you -here is to the next 2 years!!

  • Thank you! Make mine a skinny latte please!

  • Happy runnerversay.... Happy runnerversay

    (Sorry, didn't congratulate you the first time) :-)

  • Happy Runniversary Lesley (I'm just back from hols and catching up). As others have said, that's quite a distance. And there's nothing quite as much fun as running straight through puddles :)

  • Thanks Gordon. Hope you had a great time in Crete. Very jealous as autumn feels well and truly underway now.

  • Wonderful thanks, but the weather here came as a bit of a shock!😟

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