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Week 4!

The weeks are flying by! I have just completed Week 3 and did two runs one after the other without a days rest and my calves have told me in no uncertain terms that I am silly! However I am away tomorrow and the weather forecast for Wednesday is awful so I decided I had to do it. Anyway I am fully recovered now.

However back to my original reason for posting; Week 4 is a very big leap from Week 3 how did everyone find it? I am feeling a little daunted by the prospect. I know it must be doable otherwise it wouldn't be part of the programme but just wondering how others felt.

I am loving all the inspirational posts on here and the tips I gain from you all.

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Every week seems like a major leap into the unknown until you actually do it. Have faith. You'll most likely be fine. If you struggle, just slow down and try running it more slowly the next time.

The aim of the programme is to get you running for a sustained period of time. How fast you run doesn't matter (speed will come later). After your rest day go out, try week 4. If, at any point it seems too hard, SLOW DOWN.

You'll be great ;)


You already told yourself off but I recommend following the advice to take rest days. Even if you are itching to run again, it is not advisable as our bodies need to rest and recover or there is a risk of injury. This becomes even more important as you move on through the weeks. I am on week 9 this week and have only managed it by dropping cycling and really resting my legs. The programme is amazing because I can now run for 30 minutes which is unbelievable. Look after ur legs and they can keep going! 😀

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I too felt daunted but I did run 1 of week four today. I felt chuffed to bits to finish it! It is harder but if you take it slow it's ok. Interestingly I always find the later segment runs in the recording easier than the first one or two. It was the same with week three. What's that all about I wonder?! By the time I got to the last 5 minute run I felt more into it and could have gone a bit longer but I stuck to the plan. I kept thinking about Laura and her hedge, which she talks about in week three, and that helped me keep my pace! Good luck and believe in yourself. You can do itx


The hedge has made me giggle all week. For some bizarre reason I imagine I am running in the nude and I don't want the person on the other side to see me. I have a fertile imagination but it keeps me going!


It made me laugh too. I imagined all sorts of scenarios but never a naked one! LOL.

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initially it all seems out of reach , some weeks/days/runs felt harder than others ,it is all about believing in the program and yourself and just taking each run as it comes ...

As others have said, slow and steady then slower still if need be , the program really does work :D each week building you for the next :)

At this stage it is advisable to keep those rest days to allow yourself to recover , life sometimes gets in the way but it is important to have those rests in between runs :D

good luck , I am sure you will be just fine :D

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