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The start of something new (again)

Like many I have already started this plan once and am going to do my first run of week one in about an hour when fewer people will be able to see my very red face. I am looking forward to feeling fitter again and have decided to add in a 20 minute yoga DVD session every day to help my muscles relax so hopefully I don't end up too sore before work tomorrow.

It shouldn't be too bad as I don't start until 2:00 pm but I do work in a warehouse walking a minumum of 8 miles per day so it will be an interesting first week. I also need to be motivated enough to go for my run in the morning before work as I'm not sure I will do it at 10:30 pm when I get home.

I am now determined to be able to run for 30 minutes before Christmas!

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You can do it, I go out before work and on running days always feel better and more energetic than on rest days


You can do it, just take it easy and gently and you'll be grand and just think how vertious you'll feel at Christmas :-)


Welcome aboard, Dragon!! Keep us updated as you move along and most of all, Keep Running!!


Welcome! The walking you currently do will be of benefit to you. You will have the best Christmas gift ever!!!!


Thank you all for you're positive comments! I am indeed focusing on this being the very best present that I can give myself for Christmas.

The first run went well and I now have to find a longer route as I got home before the end of the session!

I'll update you again tomorrow when I do my first work-week run.


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