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Nice Sunday morning run! + Thoughts

Morning all! Bit of a long post, just me rambling!

I think it's fair to say I've let my discipline slip a little since graduating - I ran Monday and Wednesday and then should really have run Friday or Saturday but I haven't til this morning (Sunday). I think I need to get back into a regular routine.

When I was doing Couch to 5K I ran Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays religiously and it worked; just when I moved house it felt like I wasn't getting enough time in the weekday evenings with all that chaos. So I thought once I graduated I'd do Fridays, Sundays and either Tuesdays or Wednesdays. But I just couldn't drag myself out for a run on Friday after a hard day at work! And I should have gone out yesterday but I just felt like a 'nothing' day yesterday! (Well, if nothing includes assembling IKEA bookcases and more unpacking! Quite a good workout in itself!)

I was also thinking of scheduling in a Saturday run with ParkRun and wondering how that would fit in. However, unfortunately I've realised that there isn't one in my town (there is 30 mins drive away...) so I doubt it's something I'll be able/want to do every week. Hmm. Still want to try it though.

Anyway... back to today. Finally dragged myself out today, determined not to let my next run slide any further away. I really enjoyed this morning's run, lovely and sunny! I also tried something a bit different which was laps of the same route rather than one big route and I quite enjoyed it! There's some new build work going on where I live and I thought they'd fenced off one off the tracks I'd found to run on but happy today to find there is in fact a path through it. So I just did 2 laps of 2km and it was fun.

I listened to W9R3 again today... I downloaded the C25K+ podcasts and listened to the start of Stepping Stones while I was sat down doing nothing and Laura's counts of pace scared me a bit! I didn't think I was running anything near that pace so I wimped out. Still, I did some counting of my pace this morning and perhaps I'm not too far off and should give it a try. At the moment I am running 4K in 30 minutes - do you think I will find the podcasts ok or too hard?

Happy running and Happy Sunday!

PS. Anyone know the name of the penultimate song on the W9 podcast? I find it really motivational! It has trumpets in it and is the one before the end one that goes "Just do it... You just gotta do it... etc..."

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Yes, definitely give those podcasts a go. I couldn't complete them when I first did them, but soon found I could. Like a lot of people I wasn't keen on Stepping Stones but I love the other two. The speed one is good because it is short, only 16 mins, you can fit that in somewhere and it will give you best buzz afterwards!

Someone else asked about the song, I couldn't remember it so went back and had another listen, it's great isn't it? Most of the songs are by audiofuel and are not available elsewhere apart from their podcast which you have to pay for..

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Hmm the stepping stones + podcast!! tried it once never went back but love the speed one yet to try the stamina but it is on the horizon for me ..

Not necessarily being able to keep to the beats isn't such a bad thing , gives you a goal to work for :D

it is good to mix things up with your runs and also good to have a routine but as we all know life can get in the way , do what works for you :D

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Do the Steppings Stones! Run them all and mix them up. They will bring your running on really well. Be disciplined and do them. You won't regret it


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