Nice, easy run

Nice, easy run

So, this morning it’s chilly but after walking the dog I was just about warmed up for a off I the sunshine...crispy leaves, fluffy clouds, happy dogs, bare trees, tweeting birds & a runner in pink, singing along to her high fiver this morning but I wasn’t in need of it this morning, not as much...just taking everything in, my pace comfortable....just a short 3.85kms in 29 mins...not fast I know...& I want to run 5k every time, but I don’t...& I don’t know what it legs aren’t tired, my breathing’s ok but I just can’t seem to push myself to 5k...trying to work it out...?? Still, 3 nearly 4 k is nearly there I suppose...I keep reminding myself that my legs are still new running legs...& so is my mind...I’ll get there least I’m enjoying the process...happy running everyone 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻


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108 Replies

  • Well I'm sending you a virtual high five anyway...

    Sounds like a lovely run, and what a beautiful place to be doing it. You will improve your speed and distance as time goes by but surely what counts is being out there and benefiting from it (rather than turning it into yet another source of stress with arbitrary standards to live up to). Running and taking in the world around us can make us feel so much more alive and present in the moment IMO.

    I hope all is well with you xx

  • Thank you HeleneCorsa...I look at your photos & the beautiful place you run & think nothing can compare but we all have our beautiful places don’t we? And although I go & run in the park a lot, it’s still beautiful...& am ever changing picture that I’m lucky to look out over from my house too...I can hear it calling me most days for a run!!! There was a kingfisher skimming the top of the water this morning but it was so fast I couldn’t get a picture!!! Things are ok thank you...I think I’m doing the whole mortality questioning thing at the moment with losing my

  • "but we all have our beautiful places don’t we?"

    I run in no!

    The only other runners around here normally have handfuls of stolen goods!!

  • Lol...that happens here too!!!...didn’t you ever see my post about the police helicopter once??? Ha ha...every town has it!!! Don’t know much about Wolverhampton...?

  • Yeah - i do remember that post! Its good fun isnt it!

    You dont need to know much about Wolverhampton, but if you ever get the chance to run in Wolverhampton, then keep running until you leave Wolverhampton!!!

  • I don't know much about Wolverhampton but I have used that line about Croydon (unfairly, because it's nice!)

  • Ah fair point - well, trust me, im using this analogy quite fairly!! :-)

  • 😂😂

  • Ha ha!

    This t reminds me of the jokes that made the rounds years ago when Manchester made its Olympic bid - the special hurdles event of leaping over gates with a microwave oven under each arm, and the medals for the swimming event going to the first three to survive 100m in the Manchester Ship Canal... :)

  • hahaha! I can relate heavily to this!

  • So funny...I remember the first ‘Black Friday’ event & Tesco’s in Batley was on the news as people were diving over each other & nearly killing each other over the bargains...hilarious...but I’m from Batley so a bit embarrassing too!!!! Ha ha

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • lol

  • That made me laugh Scott33 , sounds a bit like Luton.

    I try to find nice places to run, and as I live on the outskirts my runs usually take me out of Luton and into leafy Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire.

  • Ha that sounds much nicer!

  • Oooo, sounds idyllic??

  • It's natural you will have moments of feeling pensive and questioning, but I guess that knowing that doesn't make it any easier.

    It's strange but although I love running past some of these amazing sights, the places I often like running the best are green ones that really could be anywhere. I often run by the river as it's convenient and although of course I can see the wonderful bridges above and so on, the bits I really enjoy are those fairly ordinary parts of the path where there are the most leaves and trees and where I can imagine I'm not even really in a city.

    I love how the seasons have changed since I started running in the summer - I used to have to be out before 6 because it was already exceeding 30 degrees by 7 am - whereas now there are bright autumn leaves around and it's damp and chilly. There is something really soothing about that "ever changing picture".

    Anyway, I may be in the Vatican but you as a Yorkshirewoman are in God's own country! :)

  • 😘

  • And thanks for the high five 🙌

  • I know what you mean MC, I sometimes go out and only do just over 3k, and always look at getting somewhere around 30mins and think that'll do me for today, but then make myself do a longer run another day, it's good to mix it up, nice pic!😊

  • Yeah, sometimes I can do 6k ( can’t believe I’ve just typed that!!!) then other times it can be just 3-4kms...must have a burst of energy sometimes!!!

    Yes, the pic shows how beautiful Autumn is (can’t believe I’ve just typed that either!!!) I only ever liked June/ July & August but now I’m finding myself enjoying being out in the cold!!! Something very strange has happened to me!!!!

  • Just think, running on a treadmill, you wouldn't get that feeling as much if at all, so goes to prove being outside regardless of time of year is good for the Psyche..😊

  • Certainly is 😉

  • Well done MC - sounds like a lovely run!!

    If you want to nudge up to 5k, the way i did it was just run until your ready to stop..., then have a look at Strava/MapMyRun, see how far off you are..., have a little walk, and then just throw in a couple of 2/3/5 min runs until you reach 5k, it breaks down that last 1km, and you will feel good for hitting the 5km :-)

  • That sounds like a good idea Scott33 ...I’ll give that a go on Fri...yes, I did enjoy it this morning 😊

  • Its worth a go, you may not enjoy it. I always prefer the first 4km to the last km, but my bloody-mindedness likes to see 5km on my Strava feed! :-)

  • I can see the sense in that...could be a touch of OCD there Scott33 ??!!!!! Like me pegging the washing out but having to have the same colour pegs on each item!!! 🙄🤣

  • Woah - i dont think im that bad! ha!

    I wasnt too bothered when i was doing the programme, but after graduating, i feel like i need to see a 5km after each run...

    I suppose there are worse problems to have.

  • the peg thing with me!!!! Lol 😂

  • Oh not you too?!?! I work with someone that has to have same colour pegs...i ask her why she doesn’t just get wooden ones? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Lol..I have both..the wooden ones come out when I’m in a rush!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Oh Mummycav, my family have ridiculed me for years for this..!! My daughter thought it funny, one day, to go and move the pegs around on a line full of washing ...!!! 😱😱😱😱

    I had a catatonic meltdown 😂😂

  • That’s exactly why I don’t let Daddycav peg out...what’s the point when I have to go out & change it all...I’m sure he does it on purpose!!! 😂😂

  • OCD should be treated with respect ✊😂

  • 😂😂😂

  • Scott33 I'm bit like that, the last km is a killer, but I find it's the same whatever distance I decide on. So if I think I'm going to run for 10km I'm usually ok until I get to 9km and then start flagging and the next run if I decide I'm doing 5km by 4km I'm done in. I guess it's a mind of matter kind of thing.

  • I know the feeling! But what I've found works for me is that when I'm trying to run further I finish at the same point but add the extra distance on at the start ... it's worked so far!

    Having said all that, 3 - 4K is a good distance, you're doing ok, so don't worry about it, just enjoy your running!

  • Thats a good point tbf - i would much rather run 3-4km and enjoy it, than struggle through 5km.

  • 5k isn't compulsory! Though in my head - and I suspect yours too - it is. If it wasn't for those pesky numbers....

  • Pretty picture and a lovely sounding run - no matter how far or how fast x

  • Yes, they are new so no hurry, no need to push. Just going with how you feel is fine and you’ll enjoy your runs 🙂🏃‍♀️👍✔️

  • Fab run again lovely, it's all good stuff and it's just good to be out running. Wish I had the chance during the week, but working fulltime will not allow. I'd love a run today in this chilly weather too xx

  • No qb...full time and running don’t mix do they??

  • I don’t know how you do it...I take my hat off to you full timers x

  • They don't Polly. It is impossible for me at least as I visit my mum everyday, so don't get home till 6.30 to 7pm, then tea and evening is gone with extra stuff going on. Not run in 3 weeks now as wk end was full too, lol x

  • Know the feeling! Now with dodgy back to get sorted not gonna be for another day or so and life just getting in the way!!!

  • Well done ,9 mins more than me mummycav. I was just about to post myself when I saw yours I packed in after twenty mins , I'd had enough and just like you breathing ok ,legs ok just had enough . Lovely morning though and lovely photo. and a short run is better than no run .happy running

  • Thanks Rockette...better than being on the couch?!!

  • The most important is that you enjoy the process :) This is what will take you far away on this path. Have a great day!

  • Happy you got out there and even happier that you enjoyed it, 5k will come as and when and don't forget me and my stick are always on hand should you need us.

    Take care and keep running xx

  • Thanks rolysmate...I think about you & your stick when I’m flagging sometimes!!! Pocket rocket with a stick....keeps me going a bit longer!!! 😉

  • I know life's hard at the moment but we're all here

  • Thank you...I love my running family...I want a running family gathering!!!

  • Brilliant run MummyCav 😊 definitely don't need to reach the 5k mark every run. 30 mins of regular running will build your stamina and strength. You have nothing to prove to anyone you are a Graduate, and I agree with Helene that there is no need to stress about meeting any standards, just enjoy your running.

    Its great that you have managed to run 6k, but a great run is not just about distance...

    I ran this morning too...and my run didn't record properly😐..but I wanted to run and I did so am pleased with myself.

    Have a good day 😊xx

  • So you should be...any run is better than no run at all...x

  • Lovely photo Mummycav and it sounded like a great run. It doesn't matter how far - you were out there, and enjoying nit. That's so much more important. Your new running legs are still finding their feet (so to speak) and you will be building up strength and stamina gradually.

    Enjoy the rest of your day, and be proud that you are a runner. :-)

  • Thank you Razouski ...I feel like a runner most of the time now 😊’s amazing the amount of hurdles you have to get over to become a runner...not just physically but mentally...prob even more so x

  • Mummy cav and ju ju hope it's ok I've requested to follow you both . I'm Julia bata

  • Lovely run, lovely pic. Are you on Strava? I would love to follow you?

  • Im going to unfollow you on Strava Ju-Ju, you make me feel really lazy when you do so much exercise :-)

  • :(

  • Ha - ok i wont... i might just have to pull my finger out a bit!

  • yes pull that finger right out ;)

  • 😂😂 should I think twice @scott33??!!!

  • Na - JuJu's strava posts make me smile, there are usually some funny pictures too... i just feel like i should probably do a bit more when i see how much of a machine JuJu is!

  • Will prob inspire me...although I can’t run on rest days I could do prob do more exercise 🙃

  • Yes I am x

  • what is your name on there?? X

  • Bev Cavanagh

  • I've requested to follow you Bev on Strava. Hope you don't mind, coukd do with some Strava running friends 😁 x

  • Dont mind at all....the more the merrier xx

  • How about you? What’s your name on there? xx

  • Gotcha!! xx

  • I am Julia Dallyn :)

  • I hope you don't mind Julia, but I've requested to follow you on Strava. You are fabulous, fair play. I could do with some running friends to boost me on 😊

  • Yay I’ve flowed you... I love Strava it’s a great way to encourage one another- we are all athletes 😎

  • Ahh, thanks Julia, I need all the encouragement I can get, plus a nudge too, lol. Thanks lovely 😊

  • You are out there and having fun. Thats what matters. The rest will come in time. Sounds like a lovely run.

  • It was Decker ...another one 😊

  • Enjoyment is the thing.. especially for you, right now... and a run in that glorious sunshine sounds to have been just the thing :)

    Just let it will come and you will be so surprised when it does:) Every run, slow , steady and sweet, makes you up on what has gone before.

    You are doing just fine... and a sunshine morning with all that it brings, is what you deserve xxx

  • Thank you Oldfloss certainly does the

  • Looks beautiful and what a pity the kingfisher didn't let us see him! You did 4k on a beautiful morning and that is fantastic, especially with everything that's been on your mind of late. You are so right, despite the gleaming graduate badges, the classes of 2017 are still finding their running legs and minds. I think it was Irishprincess who said it takes about a year to get your legs in, so I think we are still in learning legs mode!

    That's my excuse anyway... :)

    Happy running to you too, and say hello to the kingfisher, I just get skanky pigeons in London!

  • Ha ha...I must have musicals on my mind at the moment coz pigeons made me think of Mary Poppins!! I am determined to get a pic of the kingfisher...he was beautiful 😉 x

  • I am tone deaf and sing like a screeching cat, so I won't serenade you with a spoonful of sugar....

    But if you get pic of the kingfisher, you'll be re-named MummyCamera instead!

  • Ha ha xx

  • Looks beautiful. 💕You don’t have to run 5k. Getting out there and running for around 30 minutes is the aim so I think you’ve done great. Enjoying it is the key and from your posts I’m sure you are 👊🏻

  • I am TJMazz...I know 5k will come eventually x

  • Oooh, looks lovely 😊

    ... and, regardless of distance / time and all that jazz, you went out and had a beautiful run.

    I, on the other hand, am unwell so am really envious because I'm not going anywhere 😫

  • Sorry to hear you're not feeling well HeadInTheClouds . Hope you're feeling better soon.

  • Thank you lovely 😊 x

  • I hope you’re feeling better soon too...virtual hug coming your way xx

  • Thank you lovely, it’s very welcome ☺️ x

  • Oh no! Get well soon :( . Don't forget the old saying 'feed a cold, starve a fever' so if it is a cold, hot toddies and cake will definitely help x

  • Thank you lovely 😊

    It’s not a cold, I don’t know what it is but food really isn’t my favourite thing right now 😫 x

  • Oh no, that sounds grim, really hope that clears off very soon & defo in time for the weekend :( In the meantime I will do my stoic duty and remove all booze, cake and general yumminess from your near vicinity, it's the least I can do... Rest up and be better soon! x

  • Thank you, that’s what real buddies do - but save some for me when I’m feeling better 😉

    Thank you lovely 😊 x

  • Banana loaf...I’ll make you some banana loaf when you’re better xxx

  • OMG, that sounds AMAZING... I’ll be there..!!.. 😘 x

  • I make a mean one xx

  • Ooh, I love banana loaf 😋 I’m miraculously feeling better already 😂

  • Oh no??? Hope this doesn’t last much longer...x

  • Me too. Only started yesterday and I’m really peeved already 😔

  • 😐

  • I think you are doing just great :) so nearly 5km and in a really good time, it's all there waiting round the corner for you. I've only just started doing 5kms on a regular basis and I graduated at the end of July. It will come :)

  • Thanks Fishypieface ...I’m sure it will in’re doing fab xx

  • We all are - we bloody rock!! (that can go on the back of our Mummy Fish Head t shirts :) )

  • Yey!!! I like that!!! X

  • "want to run 5k every time, but I don’t...& I don’t know what it is..."

    Oh yes you can. And more.

    We at times get obsessed with distances, tempos, other people, competition, fitness, God knows what other rubbish, etc....

    The thing is, you need to go out there and simply go. If no pain you simply go further and let your body take you. As a former beer/cigarette champ l could never imagine having targeting myself with 21k, and that's what my reality is now ;). 5k l could only dream of a year ago.

    Go slow, enjoy yourself, listen to some music if you wish, and above all, believe in yourself! :)

    All the best!

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