Contours of a post-graduation scheme

I think I have figured out how my training scheme is going to look for the next couple of months:

-Tuesdays 1 hour of running/walking/strength exercises with my running club

-Thursdays an early morning 30 min (now 3.7k) run with Laura before work

-Saturdays/Sundays a 5k without time pressure

What do you think? My goal (for now) is to become comfortable with the 5k distance.

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  • looks like a good plan to me! Having a set plan is a really good idea in itself too.

  • Sounds like a perfect plan to me. Enjoy your running!

  • That looks like a good plan, Iben. Lots of variety to keep you motivated.

  • A sound plan, and you will make progress I am sure. :)

    You clearly are focused on how you want to continue your next stage of your journey; will you do any exercise on your rest days?

    So pleased that the running is everything, and more, you hoped it would be :)

  • Just a bit of squatting (Rig's orders) and cycling to work (a total of 20k). That will have to do

  • That sounds just plenty! :)

  • I agree with the others. It seems like a good plan, and modest, which should make it easier to change if the need arises.

  • That's looks like a really good sustainable plan a bit of pressure and a bit of fun. I think if this is to be a life long plan that show it needs to be well done!!!

  • I think it could be. The weekend 5k can be converted into 7 and 10k when I get better. Perhaps later this year...

  • Looks a good plan. โ˜บ Might have to look at making a plan myself, I feel a bit lost since graduating, โ˜บ

  • It has taken me a while to decide on what I want to focus on. But I need a plan!

  • I like it. As others have said, for some of us, simply having a plan is better than not having a plan.

    However, one thing I have noticed is that my performance capabilities can change significantly and quickly, so don't let the plan rule you - I expect that 3.7k will turn into 5k then into 7k etc. quicker that you expect ;-).

    If you think about it, the c25k profile is actually quite steep, weeks 7,8 and 9 are much more than weeks 1-6, and with the other exercises (squats) you are doing a _lot_ more (i.e. improving a lot more) now than you did (say) 5 weeks ago. Hence my expectation that you will improve quicker than you think.

    Anyways, a sound plan, and I look forward to hearing the squeals of joy at the first 5K :-).

  • I hope that I will progress in the way that you are describing it. But I did do the first 5k last Saturday (think I wrote a happy squeal post about it :-))

  • Sounds a great plan. The only thing I would add would be a fun run or race, day once a quarter. Nothing so motivating as a bit of bling!

  • I'm doing a 5k zombie run in September!

  • That's sounds like a very achievable and sustainable plan, Iben !

    Its good to have a plan I think, it helps in keeping you focused .xxx

  • Your plan sounds simple but at the same time challenging. If you stick to it you'll be really setting this running in stone. Glad Rig's orders to keep doing squats are still being listened to! :)

  • This sounds like a well thought out plan Iben. Great for building your stamina and endurance, which will soon get you feeling more comfortable at 5K.

    ...the Zombie Run sounds brilliant!

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