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Finished week 3!

I can not believe I have come this far and I am very proud of myself. I can see myself completing this. Wahoo!!!! I have a slight problem though. I don't think I will be running on Monday and that upsets me.

I am feeling sooooo poorly today. I hope it is just a 24hour thing but the last time I felt this bad I ended up in hospital for a week. So I am just hoping I can go to bed early tonight and feel much better tomorrow. Even writing this is making my shoulder ache.

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Well done on your progress so far , you should be very proud :)

Take your rest day or days or as long as you need so you are fully recovered , hope you feel much better soon :)


Thank you slow Rob! I usually take today and tomorrow off then back to my running on Monday. I just hope I will be feeling better by Monday so I can go on my run. I just don't want to take any days off. :-(

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I completely understand :) and extra day or so wont affect you to much if you need the extra day or so take it :)

I know it is hard as you quite clearly have the determination to carry on but you have look after yourself and body :D


Feel better soon and great job!


Well done, but careful with the illness. Trying to carry on when you shouldn't normally involves "one step forward and two steps back", and it's not worth risking your health. If you have to take a break, all you do when you're ready to try again, is start by giving Week 3 a bash again. If it's too much, you might have to do a Week 2 session, or Week 2 again. Sounds demoralising, but it'll be a better quality one even if you do have to. Things like your tendons and joints don't go out of condition as fast as your muscles (just as they don't improve as fast), so you'll keep quite a lot of what you've gained.


Well done for completing! There's no rush or schedule. Listen to your body and get well first. Hugs x


Thank you everyone for your kind words. I know there isn't a rush to complete it but we will be moving from Cornwall to Hampshire in a number of weeks and I was hoping I would be nearly finished but never mind. Like everyone said I have to look after myself and I will.


Well done Tvarley :) hope you feel better soon! I know what you mean about wanting to complete it and not miss any days. I'm going to miss at least one scheduled run due to being away for work training this week - didn't have room to pack my running stuff! I'm taking it as a good sign that I'm so keen haha. But I think we're ok having an extra day off or two and going back more determined when we can actually run !:)


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