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Trying to find a balance so its effective

I am on week 6 of 5k and a neighbour is on the same week so we decided we we hook up each morning... this is the bit where we struggle neighbour is unable to a friday so we worked around it... but it seems the days are repetitive and ends up 3 times a week.being a mon wed and saturday and feel my body will get use to this and have no effect...can anyone come up with any suggestions or tips to help us along this please

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Hi cat! Not sure I have understood why you think this is a problem? A regular pattern of M, W and Sat sounds ideal to me. The programme aims to build stamina through repetition and extending the length of the runs. Its quite motivating to run with someone else but if you really need to vary the days, why not run together some days and run alone on others.

Perhaps I've misunderstood your concern?


Thank you ...never been good at explaining


Yeah, I'm a bit confused too. Do you mean that if you always run M,W & S you think you might struggle to run on any other day? Mentally I suppose it might have a bearing - Monday is running day, Tuesday isn't - but physically it won't make any difference. As long as you get out two or three days a week, it won't matter which days.

Otherwise I agree with ully - maybe go out on your own every now and then, if you want to run at a different pace or just fancy a solitary run.

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Thanks that me completely confused all...


It isn't such a bad thing to stick with the same days each week, it sets a good routine and your body will already be adjusting to running on those days/times . I seem to remember an article in one the running mag's saying this was a good thing :D

C25K is about starting to set good habits and routines and continuing those beyond

so in some cases doing what you are is the right thing :D

OF course you can change things around if you need to ,life can chuck curve balls at us all the time...

Well done on reaching week 6 you are doing great , stick with it :D


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