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W9R2 best run so far!

After a long and stressful first week back at work I didn't really feel up to a 30 minute run but knew I needed to get the running kit on or I'd be asleep on the dreaded couch before 8pm. So I decided to not bother taking Laura with me and just go for a short run but try to increase speed a bit. Set off on a well known route that I hadn't done since week 7 with mini challenges, the traffic lights in less than 8 mins, the garage in less than 10 etc. Before I knew it I had done what had previously taken 15 mins (all uphill) in 13 mins. So I turned round and then ran back downhill at a steady pace, until I remembered I was thinking speed not time. So I ran back as fast as I could without falling over. Got back home in 24 mins and hadn't done my warm down walk, so ran 6 mins in the other direction and walked back. Ended up doing the 30 minutes afterall! Can't wait for Sunday and my graduation run now!

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Amazing!! That's brilliant.

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Well done! It's great that you made yourself go out and managed all your challenges along the way - a really good way to motivate yourself. Not long to go to graduation so keep on going!

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Brilliant! I was asleep on the sofa during "Flog It" I just hate that coz now I'll never know how much that watch sold for......

Anyway when I woke up the takeaway and gin were both blinking at me in the dimming light of a Sept today is the day and somehow I need to pick up my pace to get further in my time.

RibbleMan and a bike is my plan (although he doesn't know that yet!)

Good luck for graduation tomorrow x


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