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Tonight I ran for slightly longer than an hour (1 hour 5 minutes) and reached my goal for next week - run 10K.

I SHOULD have listened to my body, specifically my sore ankle, which at 9k were telling me to end the run... but the goal of 10k was so tantilisingly close I couldn't help myself from ignoring those signs.

(my ankle is now fine).

1 hour and 10mins for a total of 10.68k. given the first five mins was a warm-up walk which took me to 0.66k, we can safely say I did 10k in roughly 1 hr 5.

Dead dead chuffed!

Celebrating - in the best way I know how. Have uploaded a profile pic (finally), and am about to post a pic of me after I got back inside...


Good luck on your next run! :)

I'll hopefully post a more coherant blog on my actual blog, sometime tomorrow...

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A....mazing! I'm still trying to get 5k into 30 minutes so 10k seems very far away for me at the moment.

Congratulations! I bet you are well chuffed!

Keep going :)


Congratulations. They are the moments that make you realise it is all worth it. I am just going into week 2 of c25k. How many weeks ago did you start running? I am doing the great Manchester run in May and it seems like a mountain to climb.

Hearing about success stories like yours keep me motivated to carry on.

Keep up the good work. You'll be on half marathons before you know

it ; -)


Fantastic, and what a great time too. Tell us why you had next week as your goal date - is this a randomly chosen date or is there a race or an occasion?


Thankyou all.

Lazymoo, you'll get there! I've not even been working on speed, but I've found that over time I've been getting fitter and more able to keep a solid pace up with each run.

Whiterabit, I can well remember starting off and thinking that 5k was impossible, and it felt that way for most of the programme! I started in late November... You have a good goal there!

Mietje, whiterabit... Last year I vaguely hoped I'd be able to do the Dundee Half Marathon but didn't do any training for it, and completely forgot about it. I'm eagerly keeping an eye on the website to see when entries open, as it fills up quickly. It's in the summer time, so that's my eventual goal... for now. The immediate goal is to be able to run that 10k with no ankle problem, so I'll probably use that for my long-distance run for the next couple of weeks.

I had next week in mind because although I was vaguely following a bridge to 10k plan, in listening to my body two runs ago I figured that next week was not also achievable but realistic: on that run I did 9.6k in total, running for two sets of thirty mins with a 2 minute break and 5 min warm-up.

I fluctuate with my goals - I often set them lower than I think I'm capable of, so I end up changing them depending on how I feel my body is coping.


Brilliant achievement HH!! :D I am just starting off on the B210K journey so its great to hear of someone that has just managed to reach that goal! You have every reason to be chuffed! :)

Hope the ankle remains ok and happy happy running!!



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