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As I only finished my last run last Saturday of couch to 5k I thought I would see if I could jog 5k. So I did last night and 47 mins later I did it. Feeling a little sore this morning but felt so happy I could keep going. Next to improve the time 😊

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Congratulations! Well done both for completing the program and for still getting out there and completing a run. Stick with it. Your time will drop as you start to clock up the miles. Just keep getting out there 3 times a week. Do you have a parkrun nearby? If yes, definitely get along there - there is nothing like parkrun to drive times down!

KbobsieGraduate in reply to agedsnailspace

There is one nearby. Will definitely give that a go


Well done!

KbobsieGraduate in reply to mrsb58

Thank you


Well done. Don't worry about the time. That will come as you get used to running the distance.

Parkruns are good for helping with timing. I've run quicker at both my park runs than I ever do out on my own.

Keep going


KbobsieGraduate in reply to Dunnja

Thank you. Will definitely give it a go x


Oops, just seen previous comments. Well that's 2 of us saying the same thing 😃😃


Well done! I find myself in the same boat with the distance, but I'm really not worried about the time. I set myself the next goal of 10k and I'm using MapMyRun on my iPhone to monitor pace for each km. that way, I can still use what became my best pace during C25K and just extend the mileage.

I'm now only running twice a week, though. Unfortunately my legs always hurt like hell, as do my feet now, so I'm waiting for biomechanics appointment next week before changing footwear and doing anything different. You've got to look after your body and make sure you don't get injured!

Keep going and focus on the distance, not the time.

KbobsieGraduate in reply to okeyblokey

Thank you so much for your advice. Really appreciate any help


Wow! A 47min run a week after graduating sounds fantastic to me! Good luck.

KbobsieGraduate in reply to Sandraj39

Thank you

Well done You! Great job. I found it hard to keep motivated when I had completed my c25K. Have you tried the 5K+ podcasts with the lovely Laura? It really helps me pick up my speed and consider how fast I am moving, and some technique tips. There are 3 basic ones, one for a 30 minute run, a stamina and a speed with interval type training. I use them and love the basic one, but find the interval and stamina more challenging. The music wouldn't be my choice, but I am not sure how to find other music with the correct beats per minute.

KbobsieGraduate in reply to Brummiebikerbird1

That's great I will give that a go thank you


I am following the BUPA 5-10k plan. But only printed and stuck on fridge. I like to just run now without any music or voices telling me what to do! I find I run faster. I check what I need to do from plan and then go. I use map my run on my phone to check my pace afterwards. I set the timer if I have to run for set time. But basically now you've graduated you need to concentrate on distance not time. To run further you need to increase your week's total distance by 10% for the following week.

KbobsieGraduate in reply to Rlear

Thanks for that it will really help me continue my journey


well done, you are well on your way now , the 1st 5k is pretty special no matter what the time ..

Now you have time to work from :D like others have suggested try parkrun if you have one nearby they are great

KbobsieGraduate in reply to Slow_Rob

Thanks will give it a go much appreciated


Wow! I am doing week 7,d2 tomorrow and I hope I can do that, well done! Respectable time too. When I finish, that's my aim, to run 5K and see my time. Are you thinking about registering with Parkrun?

Julie 😀

KbobsieGraduate in reply to JoolieB1

Yes I think I might. Just need a few more runs to jog up some Dutch courage ha ha x

JoolieB1Graduate in reply to Kbobsie

Same here, I have the wristband and ready to go once I am happy with my distance and time. Julie


Well done - a graduate and 5k under your belt!

KbobsieGraduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thank you

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