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Hi there everyone! Been thinking about starting running for a while now and when looking up for a local running group to maybe join this website came up. I am 42 a working mum of 2 and need to lose a bit of weight, cut down the wine and cigs and get fit! Not much ehh! Anyway I feel that now is the time to pluck up the courage to step out the door and run! Well with a warm up walk to the field where I plan to hide whilst coughing up, go red and generally realise how unfit i am. Anyway how many times do you have to go out per week I can prob fit in twice! Any advise for a newbie would be great!! Thanks everyone and keep up the good work reading your messages is inspiring to get a newbie going. X

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Hi and welcome.

The NHS C25K plan suggests doing a session then having a rest day before the next. Of course life doesn't always hand us the time to do things we want but if it gets tough remember its 30 minutes. Something like 2% of the day.

Some advice from me would be don't worry about the distance or speed during the plan. Its about getting out there and changing yourself.

You'll find a lot of the battle is mental. But you CAN do this,

I go horrifically red while running! And sometimes its when I feel I'm doing great too.

Do try to wear sensible trainers and if you decide you do like running get professionally fitted (she says still not doing it herself)

Good luck, you may just find yourself addicted, especially to the "runners high" after a session.

jax1970 in reply to Hidden

Hi 7 of us, thanks for your reply. Am really looking forward to getting out there and making a change for the better! I see so many people running so hopefully I won't feel too concious! Hope to go sunday morning so will blog if still alive! X thanks and keep.running! X


Hiya and welcome Jax! If you set a location on your profile, you may well find other C25Kers living close by might message you and be happy to join you for some outings. I also discovered there are local running groups when I bought my running shoes - the dedicated running shops often have their own groups and keep lists of others in their area. Having said that, I have always run alone ... I like the freedom of being outside, listening to music and leaving the pressures of home, family and/or work behind me for half an hour at a time ;)

As for the hiding plans .... awwwwwww don't be a silly girl! Once you've been out a couple of times you'll soon find that other pavement and field users don't really care a jot about others out there .... this is the start of your mental training LOL :D

If you have any problems or questions along the way, do blog ... This community is the most friendly and encouraging on the Internet! Once you start listening to the podcasts, you will hear that at least one day of 'rest' is suggested between runs. However, you may well find that as you get 'hooked' like so many of us, you will try to get out whenever you can - you will be amazed at the times you can fit in the odd 30 or 40 minutes :) None of the outings need ever last any longer.

Lots of luck with your first outing - getting through the door is the first big step.... after that happy running and getting fit, you'll do it!

Linda x

jax1970 in reply to LMS2110

Hi Linda

Thanks for your encouraging message! To be honest I can't wait to start so hopefully i wont feel too silly! X having read some messages on this site I feel more encouraged to start and just get on with it! Will message and let know how it goes.

Thanks again.

Jax x


Hi Jax, I was were you are now about 4 weeks ago. I am a 41 year old mother of 2, work full time and studying for a degree. Before C25k I was following a plan I had read in a book but soon switched and I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo glad I did. The podcasts are great (not so sure about the music) but to just have Laura in your ear to spur you on telling you what to do.

So far I have managed to get through all 3 runs within a week, two at 5am on work days and one on the weekend. Normally I am not a morning person but strangely I am starting to really enjoy the early morning runs - 7am on a Sunday morning through my local park is serene.

I went through all the same emotions and thoughts as you but to be honest once you get into the programme these will disappear and like everyone keeps saying it becomes addictive.

Well I am starting week 5 tomorrow and fast approaching the '20 minute' run, but I am kind of looking forward to the challenge.

Have a go and see what happens. xx

If your looking for a local club use the search engine on the British Athletics website...

Great to hear you are thinking of starting the programme.


Hello Jax, advice for a new runner?? Couch to 5k is perfect. I know how you feel about being embarrassed, I was glad of the cover of darkness when i started running, even now I feel a bit conspicuous, the luminous running jacket doesn't help!! Having Laura talking to you feels as if you have a friend there which is great.

Getting out there is the hardest part, just do it. The plan builds up and you can see your achievements which is fantastic. Once that running bug gets you there will be no stopping!

I'm not a runner (hated it) but now I love it, I'm not very good or fast, but i try to get out three times a week. I have a full time job with lots of travelling, two kids and a dog to walk - so not much time, but it is so easy to fit in. I get into my running gear, when hubby gets home I hand the kids over to him and go out for a run, it only takes 30 minutes.

My advice would be to get a good pair of trainers, I didn't and regretted it.

Good luck!


Hi Jax ... ... welcome to C25K, it really is a great place to be :)

I am a little older 44! and was a complete non runner, very overweight, high blood pressure and in poor shape when I started running. I huffed and puffed my way through it, going red, sweating , burping loudly (due to bad breathing and gulping!!) and I hid away , which was easy in the rain and snow and all the dark nights! ... and I was amazed that I was able to stick with it and progress. Laura made me laugh, cry and curse her, and the music, well not quite going to make the charts but it kind of grew on me... and eventually I graduated.

So you can make it too, with the help and encouragement from all on this site, who got me through it. As 7 of us said it is not about the speed or distance, but the getting out there. I did by about week 4 invest in running shoes and they became my favourite footwear ever :) I have left a couple of days between runs when i have not been able to fit them in, so it took longer but I still got there.

Enjoy your first runs and let us know how they go.


Hello Jax, I am also 42 and have a full time full on job and 2 lovely kids....I do a huge commute for work and was getting so low about being sedentary, I was smoking and felt crap. I needed something and I just happened to come accross this and just went for it.

I needed something that involved no driving, and that I could fling the door open and be back in half an hour or so. Its amazing, I have stopped the fags ( as I couldn't breathe, miss them lots if I'm honest!), I feel I have gained some control in my life, and I have toned up and lost weight ( via myfitnesspal). Now this app gives you more calories for exercise, so I am still enjoying one of my other vices, the wine. I can't give that up yet, all in good time. So my advice is go for it, you will feel amazing I promise. Its not easy, but the feeling you get after each run is just the best. Keep us posted XXX


Hi Jax, I'm am 43 non smoker and no kids.....but very over weight and a demanding job :) I started 9 weeks ago and finished today and it has been the best decision I've made in my life. The most difficult part is getting out there on the first day, after that it's a piece of cake....( ok maybe a low fat muesli bar..),. It is daunting running in front of people but after the first time it's no problem. I always think I'm the one running and you're the one behind the wheel or walking a slow pace....! Give it a try and see how it goes. You should continue visiting this site every day as there is so much help and encouragement from people who know what you're going through. Welcome and have a good weekend :-D

Thanks all for the encouraging messages, it's good to know there are others out there who have the same fears but have got up and got running. Roll on Sunday morning!!! Thanks again for your support x

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