Not a total fail

I attempted Wk 5 Run 3 today. Alas I didn't make it to 20 minutes. I had to slow for a 30 secondish walk around 12 and a half minutes and then again after a further 5 minutes.

But on the bright side I ran for 12 and a half minutes! when a few weeks ago 60 seconds was a challenge!

As my heart rate when I had to slow was over 170 I think my body was just telling me I am not quite there and need to give it another try.

So all being well I will give it another go on Thursday afer a couple of days rest and recuperation :)


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6 Replies

  • You will get there and if like myself it takes longer than 9 weeks then so be it.

  • I am on week 7, day 2 on Wednesday and was really worried about week5, day 3. From reading your post, I think you are ready for it but maybe slow your pace. When I was going for a longer non-stop run I just slowed it down to pace myself, never wanting to feel my heart beating fast or becoming hot and sweaty.

    Also, the other thing that might help is to focus on slow, deep and steady breathing so the oxygen is able to get into your lungs. Relax your chest and also legs as much as you can, I feel tension in the calves increases pain but when I relax, the pain goes.

    Try again because I think if you can run for 5 minutes, 20 minutes is doing the same technique but for longer 😀


  • Keep it really really slow. You can do it. That was the first run that tripped me up. Pick a nice route and go for it.

  • This is just a small speed bump. On Thursday just try to focus on slowing things right down and I am sure you will nail it.

    Many people have a max HR well above 170 so try to concentrate on how you actually feel and try not to let the technology create a mental block.

    All the best.

  • Very much not a fail, especially as you've met with Disaster and treated it as the Imposter that it is (Kipling's If refers), without having to first go through any unnecessary self deprecation etc. Anyway, if I understand correctly, at 12 minutes you had to take a very sensible recovery pause, then you added 5 minutes (17 in total), and finally you did the last 3? Sounds quite a lot like 20 minutes to me. Yes, you probably need to do it again (maybe slower, because at 170 bpm you must be pushing yourself quite hard), but as you say, it's not a total fail. It's not even close to that. And the best thing is I realise that you don't really need me or anyone else to say that to you; you've already got your coping techniques in place.

  • Definitely not a fail. As it says in the old song:

    🎶Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start all over again.🎶

    W5r3 will be yours. You will succeed :)

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