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Not built for outdoor running

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So disappointed. Was about to get on the treadmill as usual but then decided today was the day to take it outside. Concrete is so much harder to run on! Really did very bad. My hayfever was awful. I ended up walking most of it. Not sure whether to try it again but start on week 1 when my hayfever calms down.....which is usually November!! Back to the treadmill tomorrow morning as don't need a rest day as what I did today barely counts 😣😣

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I use the treadmill too. I think there are lots of positives. I don’t get the knee pain I used to years ago. I can check my speed on the screen to make sure I pace myself. There are no kerbs, dog poos or cars. My neighbours don’t see me. Pollen levels lower. Heat less extreme. Having said that, I hope I will reach the point of being fit enough to choose and maybe even do a park run. That day is some way off but I can see it on the horizon!

I think I am just going to buy a fan to stick on the treadmill and stop beating myself up about not going outside. Running is running. Thank you 😁

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If I had a running machine that’s where I’d do it. Only one of my runs is at the gym on the treadmill as we can only get there once a week. Don’t feel bad you’re right, running is running

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cheryl_couch_tattyGraduate in reply to GG63

Thank you, I won't sulk too much. One positive was I really didn't care who saw me and there were many, lol. I think it was dog walking prime time, haha x

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Hi Cheryl, don’t be too despondent, you tried and at the moment it’s just not the right time for you. To be honest, running outside in this weather and if you have hay fever is really tough. Just keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy your running. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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cheryl_couch_tattyGraduate in reply to Birdsong53

Thank you Birdsong. Nice to hear from you, how is it going with you? I am over it. Hayfever can be tough but at least I have a treadmill at home. I have a new fan at the ready for today's run.

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Birdsong53Graduate in reply to cheryl_couch_tatty

At the moment I wish I had a treadmill! I haven’t run in almost three weeks. I’m having problems with tendonitis. I’ve got some pretty good supports, so I’m going to try a run tomorrow. Just hoping I haven’t lost too much. I’ll be in touch. 😊

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cheryl_couch_tattyGraduate in reply to Birdsong53

Sorry to hear that, good luck with your run x

Hi Cheryl, don’t be disappointed if running outside didn’t work for you this time 🙁 That doesn’t mean it won’t be right for you later if you feel like it 🙂 Either way, C25K is all about getting you exercising so whether you do it on a treadmill or outside makes no difference whatsoever. 👍 Just keep doing what feels comfortable to you and you’ll get there. You can always decide later to run outside if you feel like it, but no pressure! 😀

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cheryl_couch_tattyGraduate in reply to David_G

Thank you David, I do want to try again but no rush, I am fine on the treadmill for now.

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