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Getting back on track

After a few weeks of total chaos, I'm back out on a regular basis and still very much enjoying my running.

I'm still struggling with my breathing, and now my Mum (a nurse) is wondering if I've got a slight asthmatic issue, so I'm off to the doctors to check that one out.

I'm also thinking that some yoga may be a good move to help me control my breathing and stretch out at the same time.

I hope you are all loving your running, whatever stage you are at.

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I've had a chaotic time too and not managed to run for a week now partly due to illness. How long did you have between runs as I'm wondering whether I need to go back a bit ( I was just starting week 8).

I used to do yoga and really enjoyed it (tho was never very good!) and am looking to start a Pilates class once kids are back in school. I would think that it could help with your breathing as it's very focused around controlling your movements with your breathing if that makes sense?!


I ran for the first time today, after almost 2 weeks with a few brisk walk/runs, but not actually running for the full 30 minutes.

I went with my niece, who is on week 8 run 2, so I was OK doing that with her at a reasonable slow pace. (9.20 per km)

I think you should just carry on into week 8. After all, you have already proved you can run in week 7, so go for it


Think I'll try a walk/ run first time back, my last run was with my niece too! As she's just getting started we did a couple of short brisk walks but she is a lot fitter than I was starting out so I felt like I still had a good run with her! I'll give it a couple more days yet as have woken up still feeling a bit wiped out today. Think the weekly shop will be enough exercise for the day today!

Good luck getting back up to speed😊

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