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45 min running as a C25K graduate!

I completed the NHS Couch to 5K running plan with Laura and then continued running with my favorite NHS podcasts for a while. To be honest I couldn't complete 9 weeks in 9 weeks because of busy work, health issues etc and had breaks. But I started over and over from the week that I feel capable. Now I feel myself as an official runner who can run 45 minutes non stop in a slow pace. My next goal is running faster. So will start 5K+ running podcasts.

Many thanks to the inventor of C25K - Josh Clark, then NHS and especially Laura who is a great and lovely coach! Even while running on my own I can hear her voice saying "dont give up now - keep your legs moving" :)

Saide from Turkey

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Well done :) and keep enjoying your running x


That's great, but where is your grad badge? You've earned it...


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