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Laura is my Mrs Robinson - I'm a graduate!!!!

After a grim week 9, and despite the miserably cold rain starting just as I left the house, I've just completed my final run and am a graduate.

The first 20 minutes were tough, made worse by the slippery leaves, but when I hit 20 minutes I got a new burst of mental energy and a little bit more physically too. My style improved, I relaxed into the run and my speed even picked up. Amazingly I managed to hit the 5k marker at 28.5 minutes and ended up completing 5.3km in the 30 minute slot.

Thanks everyone who has encouraged me over the weeks, especially the last 2 that have been particularily tough for me. Couldn't have done it without all the support from this forum.

Already downloaded some more NHS podcasts for 5k+ so it's two days of rest and then onto building speed and stamina.

Off to apply for my graduate badge and to have some more blueberry yoghurt coated pretzels - yes I know they sound vile but they are fantastic.

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Hi Chusan51 -

WELL DONE :-) :-)

It is hard getting out there on these cold days but what a great job you've done! You've also done so well to hit 5K within the 30 minutes on graduation - total respect! (I did my first 30 mins this morning and still have 0.7k to go...)

Enjoy getting your badge and pretzels (urgh) - bet you'll be smiling all day!

Have you decided what comes next? We'll all be looking forward to hearing..


Absolutely brilliant Chusan and what a great time!! Bet you are glad to see the back of week 9...... Welcome to the Graduate club and I look forward to reading about your onward journey. Sue


CONGRATULATIONS to you! Welcome to graduate-land! :-)


Congratulations chusan and a brilliant time to boot. Enjoy your graduation celebrations!! :D


Congratulations, chusan!! That is quite a pace you were keeping!! Well done!!

Now, enjoy your pretzels, enjoy your rest days and most of all, enjoy that new "Graduate" badge!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



Congratulations - what an achievement! That green badge will look so good!


Well done Tom! :-). Been thinking of you today doing your Grad run whilst I was out doing my first recovery runs. I cinched it with the speed pod-every time Laura came in with the beat I was there. Going to change my area nearer to home and run on the Heath on Friday with the Stamina pod, and see how I get on. It's a bit more hilly and uneven ground, but I'll give it a go.

Good luck with stepping stones on Sunday Tom-let me know how you get on :D

Colette xxx


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