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Runkeeper tips?

Just downloaded this to keep track of my distance and speed. Doing w6,d3 tomorrow so interested in focussing first on building distance to 5k once I finish C25K and wondering what distance I will cover on the day. I am not the best with technology and have figured out I can have my own music in the background as app runs, is this right, can't see an easier way to do it.

Julie 😁

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I am on runkeeper too and also have a Fitbit Charge.

I run the C25K podcasts with RK running in the background.

You must stop RK as you finish BUT don't forget to 'save' it too.

Her voice will tell you your stats every 5 minutes and also when you finish.

I love it but then I like figures etc

I now track every dog walk and every run - it proves to me that I have been active !

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I love goals and can be obsessive with them, so throw in numbers every 5 minutes - brilliant. I am on week 6 run 3 tomorrow so preparing myself for C25K to roll to an end and being a grown up runner. Looking forward to knowing my distance mostly at this stage - speed improvement later but at 51, if I could run 5K in 30 mins I would feel like a primed athlete



Julie I'm 50 so I know how you feel.

It is a lot tougher for us more mature ones.

The stats are great, my OH can't get over how I can just stare at numbers and analyse !!!

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Well done to both of you!

Don't feel discouraged if you are running less than 5K in 30 minutes. I graduated two months ago and I'm still not there yet. And I'm 30. :)

I tend not to run for distance, but for time, keeping on with that system from the podcasts. I'm up to 40 minutes now, and I usually run about 5.5K in that time.

A lot depends on external factors, too - whether it's hot, cold, raining, or windy, whether there are hills or a flat course...

I keep reminding myself that it's not a race. And I get the best health benefits from keeping my heartrate steady by running a pace that's comfortable for me. I am getting faster as my body gets used to running longer. What once was too fast or too far now feels comfortable. And so I progress that way (and avoid injury by pushing myself too much too soon.)

Best of luck and happy running!


That is my goal, to be able run 5K in anything under 45 mins, then I will do a Parkrun with a smile on my face. Well done you for running so well


Thanks Julie!

You could go and do a parkrun anytime you like - there's no speed requirement, and you don't have to be "ready". My first parkrun was 41:07 and I finished just ahead of a 75 year old man and a 10 year old girl! It was a really friendly event, lots of people walk some of it, and it's not competitive at all.

They even have a volunteer who keeps you company if you're the last person. I made friends with a really nice woman and her dog for part of the run - until I passed that 10 year old girl, and then she got the special last-runner treatment.

Also, you don't have to run the whole course. I can run 5K, but I can't yet run THAT particular 5K. I'm not used to all those hills! But I will get there...

I've only been twice, but it's great to see the improvement from one time to the next. As someone else on this forum pointed out to me, if you go before you feel you're "ready" then you'll be getting personal bests each time! It's a great feeling.


Yes, you can have your own music playing. You can set up run keeper with interval runs or pace runs, I find both of these useful

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