Runkeeper Buddies???

Ladies and Gents.

So had a bit of a brainwave, and wondered if it would help people be motivated to be runkeeper contacts?

I know it helps encourage me to see other friends of mine out and about making an effort.

I have set a username in my profile (cog on the right side of the website), and now people can search and add me.

Is anyone else interested in putting together a C25K group?

If anyone wants to add me, I am "nickhills1"

Keep going people

W7 R1 just completed on Monday


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  • I meant to add

    Put your Runkeeper username in comments below so that people can find each other

  • Good idea Nick, yes I am poppypug on Runkeeper , I will look for you :-) xxx

  • Oh my. Just suggested this to a user. I'm a newbie so you guys are outa my reach right now. But brill idea

  • Hi Nick

    I have only one mate on runkeeper !!!!!!!!!

    Can I join up so I can be richardtwomates !!

  • I couldn't find you nick (I maybe doing something wrong !!).

    Poppypug - can I join you as well please ? (trying to not sound like a stalker !)


    RunningintheHill - runkeeper name

  • Hi Richard of course you can , no problem at all ! :-)

    Did you find me ? I am wondering now if I am under poppypug or my real name . I am sure it is poppypug, if not please let me know, thanks ! :-) xxx

  • I put in poppypug and one real name came up.

    Wasn't sure if it was you !

  • Do you want to find me instead ?

    Same avatar of our Labrador as on here !

  • Ah okay will do, Aw your dog is gorgeous, whats his/her name ? :-) xxx

  • Ive found you Richard and sent you an invite :-) xxx

  • Hi Nick, I have accepted your request :-) xxx

  • No idea why people cant find me.. oh well, this works either way

  • I have two new friends !!

    If anyone else reading this would like to join me, you will be welcome !

    The Labrador's name is Stanley !! He's a top boy ! I tried running with him but he's a bit too big for that.

  • So have I !! Ha ha :-)

    Stanley- Love it ! :-D xxx

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