Hail Caesar! Double vision?

Decided that as I am Caesar, I deserved a decent tea yesterday so I took the long route to the market instead of going to the hippodrome. A change is as good as a rest, also it meant my adoring countrymen saw that I do ordinary day-to-day tasks not just get my lackeys to do them.

The trip to the market does take longer on foot and no one sees me in my full splendour but it's my legs, not the glorious steed pulling the chariot's, that need some work done on them. (Did that possibly sound as though I'm not a prime example of everything expected of a leader such as me?)

Anyway, back to the story, it's not a fabrication by the way, half way there I saw a number of my loving followers appearing rather odd. They gave the impression of becoming unsightly four-eyed, two-nosed, very uneven-round-the-edged citizens of Rome. Surely this could not be right?

When I arrived at the market place I took myself to the nearest mess hall for a sit down and drink to recover. Being at the mess hall made it look as though I was connecting with the hoplites and guards - another chance for a 'wow, he's so one of us' moment.

Following the vimto (wine not a good idea in the circumstances) and grapes I retreated to my villa for the rest of the day. Eventually all changed back to normal - good job really because the way I'd looked in my cheval glass when I got back was pretty shocking. Not a look that would catch on, even if I were promoting it.

Didn't get my decent tea though, pah!


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9 Replies

  • If it becomes necessary I will visit the famous Galen, Soranus or Dioscorides - all Greeks to me!

  • We are in Rome but all the quality doctors come from Greece. Not having any old doctor tending the mighty Caesar!

  • Not sure Soranus is one I want to see though - even if he is quality from Greece!

  • Oh dear, my dear Caesar, sounds like you could possibly have over done it a wee bit in your enthusiasm to earn your decent tea. Whilst a glorious leader must, obviously, be glorious and, indeed lead, acknowledging that the journey is a hard one that may result in the occasional setback, shows a different sort of strength (Blimey that way a long sentence!)

    Hope you're feeling better now, a lesser mortal could have found that a very frightening experience. Whilst I have every faith in the healing power of Vimto and, of course, in your own near superhuman powers of recovery, as a precaution, and in the absence of Spoonie, I'm researching recipes for medicinal coffee and walnut cake.

    Take care, Sweetie. xxx

    Edit: Having read Pops' post, I have to agree, perhaps a trip to the doc is called for. Does sound like migraine visual disturbances. xx

  • If needed I will visit one of the aforementioned leaders in their field, in the meantime I'll just get a slave to peel grapes.

    What happened to Senator Spoonie?

  • Dunno where the good senator has disappeared to. She hasn't posted on here for ages. If I remember rightly, last time she mentioned having been ill for a while but she was still running regularly when she was able to. *dashes off to look up Spoonie's last dispatch*

    Glad to hear you're keeping the grape-peeling assistant busy xx

  • Galenus erit praescribere unguentum pro oculis tuis

  • Such a late hour has limited my ability to send an answer in Latin. Pleased to know it's from Galen not Soranus!

  • Not sure, either none or they're behind Doug.

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