Hail Caesar! Debating fashion attire whilst sauntering, cross legged, to the market - not easy

Following the sage advice of Epilepsia I drank an abundance of water prior to a little saunter yesterday. In more than one way it was a great relief when I reached Spenzicus Marc's. All had passed (I'm back to the saunter now) without a hitch so wil go back to daily strolling attended by lackeys and adoring hangers-on from now on.

Eventually I will get as fast as a scurry. I'll have to because otherwise I'm never going to get to wear the magnificent tunic. I gaze upon it morning to night when I am at the villa. Its splendour is a thing of great beauty. Hmm, is going out in something so wonderous a good idea? Perhaps I will look a touch feminine? As Caesar, are tassels and silver ric rac braid the image I'm trying to promote. Maybe it's a good job the tunic doesn't quite fit. Possibly I should speak to Yves from across the Rubicon before venturing out.

(Oh, if I'd only continued being the valiant king of last year I would not be suffering this fashion problem now. Would I look camp if I tried to butch the look up with a few leather thongs?)


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19 Replies

  • Yes, leopard skin - only faux of course!

  • Pug fur? Do you skin the poor things if they stop looking as good as you'd like? Should I warn Doug?

  • Flossie358 on the other channel suggested praying to the Gods - I'll try Vesta to start with.

  • Oh that takes me back to the 70's , Vesta Beef Curries and Chow Mein with Crispy Noodles, they were flippin' gorgeous those ! :-) xxx

  • Blimey, I used to love those as a nipper! My mum used to make Vesta Chow Mein for me and do the crispy noodles in the chip pan. Nectar!!

  • Yes !! We used to do the noodles in the chip pan too ! ha ha :-)

    They were really really very nice ! :-) xxx

  • Everyone else in the family hated them apart from me. I always was exotic :D

  • I first started off having some of my Dads, then I was " allowed " to do my own.

    Hey, we used to have a Heinz Sponge Pudding between four of us ! Ha ha :-)

    I can eat a whole one to myself now , not that I ever do , much , occasionally, now and again, every week :-D xxx

  • Heinz sponge pudding? Now you're talking!! xx

  • Morning EM !

    What are you up to today ? :-) xxx

  • Morning Sweetie, I've got the lurgy, well I think I've still got it. Typical!! 2 days back at school and I've picked up a stomach bug. Went to bed as soon as I got home yesterday and haven't eaten anything for 24 hours but woke up about 5am desperate for a cup of Yorkshire's finest, so I'm assuming I'm on the mend. Are you doing Parkrun today? X

  • Big hugs ((( ))) I think that bug was what I had last week . It must be doing the rounds and a school is an ideal breeding ground isn't it ? Hope you feel better soon . Yes , I'm just getting into faffidge mode for parkrun today :-) xxx

  • Hugs gratefully received :) Have fun at Parkrun. Let the faffage commence xxx

  • Thankyou . I'm in full faffidge mode now :-) xxx

  • Tassels and silver ric rac braid are just the thing - easy on the leather

  • Worryingly, I can't get the picture of the buns of steel and the leather thong out of my mind. Think I need to go lie down in a darkened room for a while!!

  • I think I will join you ha ha ! :-D xxx

  • Mon dieu! That is shocking - I hope you don't wear them for the Park Runs!

  • One word answer - 'No'

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