UFO sighting last night! Well almost!!!!!! And 1 yr anniversary for George dog ! :)

After 10 days resting up my calf , last night i tried it out. Felt nervous as i drove to the seafront after a George walk which doubled up as warm up walk! Hoped it would be ok. I did as Useitorloseit had mentioned, and went without Garmin, to put no pressure on and just see how it went. Glad to report that although i had some aches, nothing to stop me in my tracks as such!(did around 4.5kish). Saw my mascot robin bird who seems to be on the undercliff at the same place no matter what time of day i go down there! he made me smile :) Funny moment near the half way point though, when i deciphered that the green light which had been bobbing in the background near to the pier was infact a UFO! But then spotted the guy with the remote control on the sea wall! I tried hard to get there for a closer look but with about 300m to go he packed up and went home, bugger, wanted a decent look! Never knew you could buy such a thing, it certainly was effective if thats what it was? Kept me amused trying to work it out on the way towards it anyway! :X I saw a lady runner there and back who said hello, and some friendly dog walkers :) When i got back did some stretching and foam rollering, and although i can feel a bit of stiffness its not so bad, so will attempt running club (but its a hilly route! :( ) tomorrow eve!

Today is George's 1yr anniversary of coming to live with me, so in honour of this and although it was quite rainy, we've just had a nice trek to the beach and back from home,( i worked the weekend so have day off!) which he enjoyed alot, and i took a VERY little video as a momento! too rainy for much else! Leg a little stiff but ok in general i think!

Hes currently doing his favourite barking at everything that goes past the window trick! But hes a good little pal , and has done parkrun twice now!

Happy monday everyone :)


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36 Replies

  • Oh he's just sooooo cute, melts your heart, dear little chap! Glad your run was good. It's absolutely p***ing down here today, and I got soaked between Sainsbo's door and the car, so will not be venturing out again!

  • He tried to eat lots of people, mainly anyone in a florescent jacket (workmen or postmen) on the way to beach, his cuteness can be deceiving! but alot better than he was! little toad! :X but he does love the beach, we were drowned rats after 1hr 15 mins out! All clothes in the wash now and off to visit mum in a min! Hope your trip last week was ok? :)

  • I didn't ever get there! My husband's father was hospitalized, and we had to be on standby in case we needed to dash down there at a moment's notice. Fortunately he's out again now, but he has heart problems which are not resolved.

  • sounds like you have a lot on your plate :( Hope it all gets sorted ok, and glad you are back out there running, stress relief at its best?!

  • I'm glad George doesn't live next door to me if he's a barker. It's very nice to see him on my computer screen but I have a volume knob on that! We have two little doglets next door and they DRIVE US INSANE. Their parents leave them out in the garden all day and there's a path behind and they yap like loonies every time anyone walks along the path. Going to school and hometimes are an absolute nightmare. And me emptying my bin. Or opening a door or window. Or opening my side gate. Or just breathing outdoors really. I wish they would move! In their defence, my cat occasionally sits on the fence and wags her tail at them. They hate that.

  • Aw Ali, I am so pleased that your run was good , sounds like the rest you had worked a treat ! Fingers crossed that it doesn't play up again and that you don't suffer any after effects ....

    Aw love the vid of George xxx

    D'ya know what Ali ? He fell on his four little paws when you and Boz took him home. What a fab, fun filled , happy life he has with you . He's even got his own beach !!

    He is sooo cute ! Mind you , I bet youre not saying that when he is stood barking his nut off at the window ha ha :-)

    Doug my Pug gets on the back of the sofa near the window and sticks his head through my vertical blinds and woofs at anything going past . Oh I bet the neighbours love us ha ha :-D xxx

  • There was only 1 other dog out today! fair blew the cobwebs away thats for sure! Hes having a rest up now on the sofa! You're right i'm not always saying that when hes in barking frenzy mode! little bugger!

    Leg has stiffened up a bit(the return route involves over 100 step that are STEEP!!HUFF PUFF!) but its ok, fingers crossed for you poppy, sure they'll get that hip sorted :)

    Doug the pug sounds a proper barky boy just like George! :)

  • Hope that leg holds up okay, Ali xxx

    Doug is definitely the noisy one out of my two. When I pick his lead up to take them for a walk , he goes flippin' nuts ! He also spins as well, he's like a top ! He is just full of nervous energy, Im not sure what happened to him before he came to me . All I know is he is a rescue Pug , but I think he has had some serious stuff going on at some point . Poor Douglas xxx

    Well , my hip is sore today, even after just that little attempt at a run yesterday :-( I have walked to work though and nothing has dropped off , not yet anyway. Im half expecting to hear a "thud " under my desk ha ha :-D

    Take care Ali, hope you have a nice visit to your Mum :-) xxx

  • it would be good to know more about their backgrounds, i have info from George's previous owners who treated him well but i think his first 5 mths were traumatic from what they told me, he certainly has aversions to quite a few types of people :(

    did you say you're doing 5-7k a day? thats quite alot with a sore hip, don't overdo it! Hope your home time has come round now!

    mums visit not bad, she was a bit stressed when we got there but is better now, had cookies and tea with wallace and gromit film to keep her entertained! :)

  • Oh George, he is soo happy now with you and thats the main thing.

    Sometimes I wonder what their lifes were like before I got my 2, but it would really be upsetting to know that they had suffered or someone had treated them cruelly wouldnt it ? Anyway, they are happy now and thats all that matters ...

    Im walking to work and halfway back which works out about 7k a day. I was wondering whether I should or not but it isnt too painful when I walk.

    Glad your visit with Mam went okay, it can be stressful cant it , but she is safe and being well looked after and thats a comfort isnt it ?

    Hope your leg is holding up, Take care xxx

  • thanks poppy, yes you're probably right that its best not to know sometimes :(

    Sounds like the walking will be keeping you fit, if its comfortable then i can't see the harm!

    leg seems ok so far, just an odd twinge, been foam rollering earlier, it now has some teeth marks from a certain someone ! :X


  • Ha ha , George has got a new toy :-D

    Maybe he wants his legs foam rollering too ha ha :-D xxx

  • after that he was so excited he torn the stuffing out of his xmas ratty while i wasn't looking, have rescued it though! :)

    oh well!!!!!!!! :X

  • I'd love to be able to take my dog Millie (the mad Lurcher) with me when I run but she is a liability. I took her the very first time and she got very excited and jumped up and down barking at me - I just knew that one of us would end up in the canal.

    If I had her off the lead I would end up having to keep stopping to shout her to catch up - she has to stop to sniff EVERYTHING and if she were on the lead I would end up having my arm yanked off as she stopped to sniff EVERYTHING.

    And as she has been taught to sit and look at me every time someone comes to walk past us - waiting to get her treat - we wouldn't really get very far.

    But I keep trying to look on the positive side - think of all that weight I'm going to lose when I have to take her out on her walk after I've done with my run. My Fitbit is going to explode soon with the amount of steps I am taking on a daily basis now!

  • Ha ha Deb , youre dog sounds as mad as mine :-D

    My pug , Rocky is a sniffer , he will stand and sniff a single blade of grass for twenty minutes if I let him. Its like walking a mine sweeper. He is very cute and loveable though in his defence .

    Blimey ! Youre going to be as fit as a butchers dog at this rate ! :-) xxx

  • He doesn't come out very often with me, but Boz has ran with him at Parkrun and he was surprisingly good, though did zig zag a bit! I hear what you're saying about the stop and sniff though, when i go out with him have learned to jog on the stop whilst waiting! I think he could do with more training, but hes alot better than when he arrived, a bit of a delinquent then! :X

    i like mad Lurchers! :) Sounds like your exercise plan will reap rewards, its extra good having to run and go walkies! :)

  • Millie can sniff for England. She will sniff a blade of grass, move on and then go back for another sniff.

    And lick. My god can that dog lick. She once jumped up and licked a friends contact lens right out of her eye!

    She's mad - barking mad.

  • Really ? OMG, that is amazing ha ha ! I bet your friend was thinking " What the hell just happened ??? "

    Ha ha , Oh dogs , you gotta love 'em ! :-D :-D xxx

  • George likes to sniff and eat grass alot! And go on "Fox patrol " round the neighbourhood, one sniff and hes in turbo speed!

    Bless them! Wow what a licky lurcher Millie is! !! :)

  • So pleased for you Ali. Hope that calf continues to behave itself. George dog is remarkably cute. Funny how our pets get under our skin and become essential parts of our lives. Happy anniversary George

  • aah hes cute but demanding! Short, stocky but likes a cuddle under the tough dog exterior! Will test out that leg again tomorrow :X

  • Oh so so glad to hear the calf is better. Taht is wonderful news. And George seems to be a wonderful dog :)

  • not everyone thinks that! :X (my sister for one! and nephew, and hes a big strapping 24yr old!) he can be a bit fierce at times!

    Thanks Tomas, hope my leg holds out, need to wear off a few more calories from the IC! :X

  • What a sweetie.

  • Mostly!!! :X :)

  • Great that you've mended. George looks like he's enjoying life - born to run on the beach ;-)

  • he does LOVE the beach, gets all quivery and excited when he smells the sea air! Hope my leg will keep on behaving! :)

  • Gosh very exciting about the UFO. You could have taken a picture and sold it to the paper! And George is such a cutie. Looks full of life. Lovely post aliboo.

  • really wanted to see it up close, it looked impressive, but pretty sure it was the guy with the remote! :X Made it interesting though. George is resting now after an exciting day! :)

  • aaaw what an adorable friend you have there :D and running partner :D well done on getting back out there for a run :D

  • Thanks Rob! :) hes cute and annoyingly feisty sometimes but hes certainly a character! bless him :)

  • Hi Ali glad you managed to get back out running again and lets hope that leg behaves itself now! George is fab , I love the video, he looks an absolute bundle of energy and fun. I love robins, we have one here that sings at odd times throughout the night, amazing, even at 2 or 3 in the morning! x :-)

  • Noticed this robin on 19th Jan, (when my aunty passed away that morning) it was there and i thought it was her spurring me on as she was so full of life last time i saw her, so each time i see it i'm touched :) it seems to be there in the dark when you think they would be tucked up! Maybe its just Robins!

    *leg a bit twingy on walk just down, so some rubbing and rollering to do, but its not like it was :)

    George resting up after an exciting day! :)

  • Aww he's lovely and looks so happy. Great that you have found each other. Glad your calf is improving.

  • Thanks! :) hes a funny little character! :) Hope leg holds out ok!

  • Glad your run was good, happy anniversary little George! Xx

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