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Mapmytracks or RunKeeper?

At the mo, I start mapmytracks as I leave the house, when my phone can see the satellites. I start Laura just up the road so my 5 mins walk finishes just as the hill eases off.

I have just tried RunKeeper and discovered it will talk to me! I have used MMT for a while now but wondered what others use? Thinking about starting MMT just as I start running but then I need to sort out phone, holder, arm, ears etc while running. Has anyone got this bit sussed?

Be interested to hear.

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I use Endomondo because it updates myfitnesspal, strava because of the segments feature and sports tracker because I bought their heart monitor and doesn't work with anything else.


Runkeeper is really poor on my phone (Samsung SIII). Can't keep my music tracks going in the background and keeps jamming up. Hate the thing.


I have tried the free versions of Endomondo and Runkeeper. Endomondo will pick out any section of your run to show where you ran your PBs, whereas Runkeeper only seems to give you split times for each kilometre (or mile) run. I like Runkeeper because you can set intervals and notifications, effectively creating your own training plans although there is also access to training plans on the Runkeeper website. Apparently, phone apps are not as accurate as the dedicated GPS systems such as Garmins, Nike+ etc and they do give some erroneous results on occasions. Runkeeper works well (most of the time) on my Samsung Mini, although yesterday I did have a mysterious lack of music which I could not get to the bottom of and so ran without sounds, which makes a change.


Did you try a reboot? Fixes most glitches.


I use the free version of runtastic which I think is great. Haven't lost signal anywhere, but I do live in a built up area. Feeds data to myfitnesspal, and has voice feedback for distance for the first 2 miles, then you need to upgrade to continue the voice feedback. I'm considering an upgrade when I graduate as there is additional features the free version doesn't have.

I have't tried any other apps as I tried this first and liked it!

I just put my phone in the zipped pocket in my Capri pants so nothing on my arms which suits me fine. Oh and one earphone in the other tucked into my sports bra to keep my wits about me!


I use Runkeeper. Never had problems with it. I play music at the same time and either have the disembodied Runkeeper voice to either tell me time intervals or distance intervals, depending on my motivation level.


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