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Running buddies in Notts?

I have just started back on the couch to 5K after being given the all clear by my physio, but now the running club is no longer doing a beginners session.

Anyone in Nottingham want a (very very slow) running buddy?

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There are loads of running groups in Notts. My club is starting a new beginners group next week and Notts Women runners are all over the place. Whereabouts are you based?


Like the previous person said look for a running group. They are generally free or charge a small amount, I think mine is £20 a year. It will help with pace and its nice to meet other people. Courses may cost a little more.


Thank you for the advice - I've just messaged Notts women runners on FB. I did start with a local club, but trashed my knees after a couple of sessions!

I just need to take it veeerrryyy slowly this time!

I am in the Nuthall/Kimberley area, but the local club I was with before isn't planning another beginners course soon.


Oooh just spotted you have already contacted NWR :)

I'm in Eastwood, however taking a running break due to pregnancy but honestly it's a fab group.


Yep there are loads of NWR groups. I'm sure they'll let you know your closest. Loads of beginners groups starting next week so your timing is perfect!


Hi search for a Facebook group called Notts Women's Runners. We are all over Nottingham, we regularly have beginners courses but if one isn't starting near you, you can always put a shout out on the group for a buddy and doesn't matter how fast or slow there will always be someone to run with you and we never leave any runners behind, totally inclusive group of ladies

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Thanks all - I have found a beginners group starting next week, and a couple of volunteers to run with when I get a bit faster.

And I managed a pre C25K walk/jog last night (30 secs running instead of 60) but only just!!


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