After weeks of mumbling about it, I finally started C25K+ this morning. In one word : Magic. Now why didn't I do it straight after C25K I don't know, but my loss !

By the time I reach the 165 beats per minute, I carried on just a bit more to do 5K. I think I will stick to it for a while. I like the way Laura reminds you about posture. I seem to go into a dream world and hunch up so Laura is great at reminding me to relax. I also notice my shuffle has more of a spring to it. Conclusion: new graduate "do yourself a favour" and go on to C25K+.


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  • Lots of people love the c25k+ podcasts and get great results. I never got round to trying Speed and Stamina but, when I did Stepping Stones, I found it really hard to follow the correct number of beats. However, I suspect the fault was with me, because other people rave about it. Suspect I'll give them all a go when I'm fit enough. Rumour has it that Stamina is quite tough!!! ;)

  • You have convinced me. Graduated c25k last week and found this, but it sounded a bit fast , but I will give it a go:0)

  • I tried this a couple of weeks ago and really struggled with it.


  • I started with Stamina. I assumed it is the first step? I did find it easy. Maybe I am having a good day.

  • I love these, I'm always waffling on about them. I normally do Speed and /or Stamina once a week. I wasn't so keen on Stepping Stones, don't really know why. I'm off now for a bit of Stamina...my goal is to get to 5K in the 35 minutes, nearly there!

  • my 5k today was 40 minutes running. I think 35 minutes would be wonderful.

  • Told ya!

    It's the business! Keep mixing them up and run them as they pop up on your playlist. They will keep you busy for quite a while and move you on to a point where you can start Bridge to 10k

    Have fun!

  • Bridge to 10k .... This sound as scary as when I was in the early stage of c25k and heard of W5 run3 !

  • Ha ha. It's ok honest. You start at the beginning and work your way towards your 10 k goal. It's progressive but it gets you there in the same way as Couch does. I got stuck on Week 4 but kept plugging away. Nothing like the feeling of nailing that first 10 k. Marvellous!

  • Yes, my dream......

  • I'm a big fan of the + podcast series. At first I found Laura's tone a bit stern but I'm got used to it now. I struggled for the first few attempts especially speed but I kept trying & got there eventually. They are a great way to improve your 5k but also build up to start a 10k programme if you decide you fancy that

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