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I'm perplexed. Have signed up here to couch to 5k thinking it would unlock the whole 9 week programme on my phone app - since there's no information about how to do that within the app- and still it doesn't seem to have done the trick. Can't see an option to sign in on phone app either.

I don't recall choosing a password so I can't reset it-I signed in with Facebook. Do I give Facebook password?

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It did not work for me on the app either, I downloaded the podcasts on iTunes you can download all weeks for free


Thanks Zoe, though I have found if you tap the padlock on week 2 day one, you get the option to unlock the other weeks!! Just can't remember my password now!!!


Right got it- so on your phone app, tap on padlock in the red box where the days appear, think day one of week two is where padlock appears, tap it and choose 'sign up' option, and Bobs your uncle!! Good luck !

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That's fine if it then allows you to sign up - every time I get the option I have tried it and it hasn't happened.


Have same problem - tapped the padlock, got the option to sign up, but every time I have tried it doesn't do it when I tap the sign up bit - so instead of using my phone I now have to download the podcasts on to my computer - then download them on to my phone or ipod - what is then the point of having the app in the first place - pants!


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