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This is my first post.

Did the couch to 5k last year and got hooked, these days I run 3 miles with a 2 day gap inbetween. I get a bit confused with how often to run because early this year I had some tendon trouble which put me out of action for a bit but im back on the road now thankfully.

Would love some advice on running shoes, im looking for a neutral shoe.

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I think we are all at the stage where we take advice from the gait analysis shops. there are various shops out there that get you running with the shoes and help to work out your best pronation. I'm glad your hooked on running and hope you get some good shoes soon. Be sure to share a picture when you do. Happy running.




Well done for the great comeback! My plan is similar, finish C25K (starting week 6 on Monday) and then start doing actual 5K as a distance three times a week,mother work on my speed - when I can manage 5K in 45 minutes (not sure I will ever do it), will go to Parkrun as part of my weekly run routine.

I also enjoy cycling but right now, putting everything into C25K as I am 51 and never really run before, hope to pick up my bike again soon!!



I am sure you will succeed.


I am not a supporter of the idea that a quick visit to a running store and a quick run on a treadmill followed by one of the sales staff recommending a certain shoe to you is necessarily a good thing to do. Like many things on the internet - there are ideas not unlike old fashioned "old wives tales" that get propagated and re-propagated on the internet until they become almost LAW!! :)

Firstly - what makes you think you need a neutral shoe? A neutral shoe usually implies that you don't need any kind of support in your shoes ( which is a good thing if you don't) and it opens you up to a range of very lightweight shoes.

I have no idea what shoes I "need" - or what a shop would recommend - but I do know that I don't run on my heels and any shoes that I have worn that have things like arch support have , for me , proven to be very uncomfortable. My own sense tells me that what I need is a shoe with something under the sole of my foot which protects me against the hard ground - and not much more :) The closer the shoe is to a pair of slippers is what I want :)

So - I have a number of pairs of different lightweight neutral shoes- with varying heel to toe drop. Mostly I run in NIKE Free5.0's and they have not hurt me or failed me ever - I have also a pair of Brooks Pure Drift and Saucony Kinvara - which are also very light ( not as flexible as the Nikes) but which have a much lower heel to toe drop. Every time I run in these shoes , I can feel it in my calves - so whether that means that the shoes dont suit me or I have simply not worn them enough ( having worn the Nikes mostly ) I don't know.

All I do know is that MANY/MOST shoes seem to me to be far too heavy and rigid - and probably the NIKE Free's have spoiled me - mind you even NIKE makes heavy rigid shoes!! :)

EDIT --NIKE Free's come in different heel to toe drops - hence Nike Free 3,4 and 5. (Nike Free 3's being the lowest heel to toe drop and Nike Free 5's being the highest heel-to drop)

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I do not know a great deal about the tec involved in running shoes but I was told that because I do not wear my shoes out on the inside of my foot then I don't over pronate so should look for a neutral shoe.

Having a little knee and tendon trouble a while ago I thought maybe it may be a good investment to seek out a good shoe. Maybe I was doing too much too soon as I am still learning.


I agree with RFC, a trip to a good sports shop is your best bet, if only for the fact that most of them will exchange or refund shoes you have bought following their recommendation. That's worth a huge amount if you ask me.




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