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Hello everybody - I'm starting the C25K tonight! I'm a 26 year old mummy to a 2 year old boy. I've put on a lot of weight since I had him and I used to run every evening along the beach so I am looking forward to getting stuck in and hopefully slimming back down to my profile picture! My husband is starting tomorrow - baby and I will be going with him to watch because he has never run before and he's a bit worried! Claire x

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Good luck with the program! I'm sure you'll do great especially as you used to run before. And good luck to your husband too!

Looking forward to hearing about your journey!


Hi, hope you enjoyed your first run tonight and it's the first of many :)


Hope you both really enjoy the programme - keep us posted! :)


Hi well done on starting. I started Wednesday and like your husband have never run before. Hope you both enjoy it


I am 47 and just started too. Good luck


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