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1st 5K tomorrow

Hi everyone, my W9 R1 coincides with my very first 5k, organised in conjunction with the nhs C25k course run by our local Council. It means that I will be among fellow first-timers and helped along by some very welcome volunteers who have previously completed the programme themselves. I am feeling a mixture of nervousness, excitement and dogged determination at this point; obviously I have run 28 minutes but 5k is going to take me considerably longer!

It feels like a special occasion, members of my family are coming along to watch/support/post embarrassing photos on social media. To be frank, I think they are in a state of disbelief! I have always been the wife/mum/sister on the sidelines cheering them on (and holding the coats) through sporting activities. Or at home cooking the meal after the event! They are surprised but proud to see this side of me emerging.

I have also splashed out and purchased a new outfit (to replace my "hide at the back" black primark garb) from TX Maxx and will be wearing a bright blue top.

I would like to pay tribute to the various posters on this forum, especially all the Ladies who responded to my recent post regarding my dilemma with mascara; you have given me such a boost to my self-belief - you know who you are! I am unsure that I would even have got to this point without everyone's help and support.

So I am looking forward to that moment of amazed achievement when I cross the finishing line tomorrow. I will let you know how I get on.

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Hi Lynda, I look forward to reading your post run report. I tell you, I am not fast by any means, but I am absolutely delighted after every single run I do, sometimes I manage 5k without walking, sometimes I don't, sometimes I do less, I've done two 10k 'races', which have been a real buzz, I've never been 'athletic' by any stretch of the imagination, but I love feeling 'alive' that's what C25K has given me. I will be at the finish line cheering you in.

You go girl, this girl can! Oh yes!



Thanks very much


Good luck with the run. It sounds like a great occassion.

I will also be virtually cheering you on as you cross the finishing line.

It doesn't matter how long you take, you're out there & doing it. Thats the important thing.

Enjoy it & enjoy being the one thats getting cheered on & supported for a change. ☺


Thank you kindly!



Have a great run. Don't worry about speed/time - the longer you are out there the longer you can bask in the cheering. Just run your race and revel in every minute.

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Thanks. I will definitely try to enjoy it!


Good luck Lynda.

What a great event. I wish our council held something like that.

You will be amazing. My journey sounds similar to yours, in fact probably a lot of us are on the same journey.

Can't wait to hear how you get on....photo???

Jules xx


Thanks jules. It is an amazing journey x


Sounds a fab event ☺I hope you have a great time. Try and enjoy it 😅


Thanks I will definitely try to enjoy it!


Sleep well and good luck for tomorrow !


Looking forward to tomorrow's update and maybe some photos

Have a great time and good luck


Good luck Lynda ! You will be fine , don't worry :-)

Deep breaths , slow and steady , just keep doing what you've been doing, no stress :-)

Looking forward to reading your post tomorrow ! :-) xxx


Thanks everyone - on my way!

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