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10-20-30 interval podcast

I made a 10-20-30 interval podcast in the same vein as Laura's C25K - A little more intense than the speed podcast but good for any Graduate


The MP3 follows the 10-20-30 interval running program.

Copy the MP3 to your phone or music player.

It DOES NOT INCLUDE you warm up/ cool down walk - press play and start running.

The interval starts with a 5min run at 155bpm. - you follow the beat just as you did with Laura in C25K

30sec at 150bpm (slow)

20sec at 160bpm (quick)

10sec at 170bpm (fast) - you can should run at this speed or faster if you want.

This is done 5 times, then a 2 min recovery period - stop or walk slowly - you can also put your hands on your head to help lower your heart rate in this period.

It is suggested that you do two of these circuits and progress to 4 or 5 circuits - There are Five circuits recorded on this MP3 and if you complete all five you'll get applause.

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Thank you for posting this.

I have tried counting in my head, but find I am rubbish at it! Running while checking my garmin watch every 5 seconds is hard work so this is just the job. I've done two runs so far using this interval training and it's definitely one I think I can stick to. It's also great if you're short on time as you know you will be back home in just over 20 minutes.


Thanks for sharing this. I'll definately be giving it a go. ☺


Thanks I will come back for this when I graduate!


Thank you. I will certainly give this a go - just what I need to make a change and really handy when you haven't all that much time!


Thank you.


Are you a mind reader? Otherwise how did you know this is exactly what I need? Thank you so very much, I do the Speed podcast regularly, but I was looking for something that pushes me just a bit harder. This looks like it will do the job, many thanks x


Thanks. I've transferred it to my mp3 player ready to give it a go.


Um... technophobe alert! Does it need to be unzipped?


Thanks for this, just what is needed for Ju-Ju's 10 is the magic number :-)


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