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C25K and ParkRun?

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Hi! I started C25K program a few weeks ago, and just joined the forum, I'm really enjoying the program so far :)

I was wondering at what point in the program did others feel they were ready to do ParkRun? I'll be doing W4R1 on Thursday and I'm really itching to start doing ParkRun - my boyfriend runs it in around 25mins and I'd love to go with him in the next few weeks or so (if he didn't mind slowing down A LOT!). According to my fitbit my current runs are taking me about 3.8k (with warmup+down walks). Is it worth going along and run/walk/running as much as I feel comfortable or might this hurt my progress? Is it best to wait until I'm a bit further through the program and running longer intervals?

I've not run with others since school, which I truly hated, so also wondering if anyone has any tips for running with a group of 300+ others!


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I started in week 1 and walked it. I do my 3rd weekly run in the ParkRun which works out well and I usually walk the rest with a fast finish. I love it. My time comes down each week. It’ll be my 7th this Saturday.

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Tbae in reply to Tasha99

Well done.🌟👏👏

Your doing great and your boyfriend.🌟👏👏

Personally I would wait until you have wk 5, 6 and 7 under your belt.🤔

That way you will have 5.3, 6.3 7.1, 7.2, & 7.3 - 5 continuous runs under your belt.🌟👏👏

Your boyfriends time is quick.🤔

My advice is go and run your own

race for your first one.I was offered a running buddy but declined.🤔

We are all different. I got good advice just to start at the rear of the field and take it slow and steady until I got comfortable.

I ran the 5k , never stopped or walked.Encouragement , welcome etc, exceptional.

Only taken me 74 years to do it.

No , that was not my race time.🤔🙈😂😂

You will enjoy it.

I marvel at the best times 13 🏃‍♂️& 🏃‍♀️15 mins for ladies and men.🤔😂😂

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Parkrun is for everyone, you can go whenever you like. Have you been along and watched? Or volunteered? If you’re not sure, i’d do that first.

I wouldn’t expect to go round with your boyfriend, he’s pretty speedy! - and it’s not a race - there will be plenty of people who are more sedate, those that walk/run and walk. Lots of people use parkrun as a regular run and as part of the C25K programme.

All parkrun expects of you is to go along and join in, and perhaps create a regular habit with you, be it walking, running, skipping or whatever for 5k every week.

Go along, have a look, join in if you want to, go at your pace and enjoy!


Ps don’t forget your barcode!

#loveparkrun ❤️

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I didn’t feel I was ready for park run until a few weeks after completing the programme as I wanted to get a few 5k runs on first which for me was around 31/32 minutes . I have now done Park run five times and my time is a low 29 . I have ran a few 28 but not at park run as the weather has been a bit wet/icy etc and the one o go to attracts up to 400 people so I am learning the best place to start so I don’t get in the way !

You just need to do what’s best for you but my advise would be to finish the program or at least get to the 20 minute mark on regular basis as you don’t need to run all the way on parkrun . It’s great fun, you will love it

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Thanks for the great advice everyone! I guess, like most other things, it varies person to person.

I’ll definitely pop down one weekend to check it out, and hopefully I’ll be able to take part in a few weeks’ time :)

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