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1 year on.....attempted first HM

Hey Guys, hope your all good and well. I've not posted for a while (though I have still be browsing the posts regularly). I'm still thoroughly impressed with the running community - without the support I would not be where I am today.

Right, first off I will stress the fact I was a reluctant runner when I first started. I struggled with the C25K and felt extremely deflated on days and did not think I would become a runner. However, slowly but surely, and with the help of all you wonderful people, support from family and friends and importantly, my own perseverance, I built up from running a minute to being able achieve running 6,7,8,9,10 miles regularly. This took me a whole year and it was a slow steady process. I remember starting on Eid (muslim festival on 17th October 2013).

Around May this year, I decided to book my place in the Nottingham Robin Hood Half Marathon. I wanted to see how much progress I made - plus I figured it would be pretty symbolic given it's almost a year since I started running. I will confess to sometimes doing too much too soon (in Jan 2014 I attempted HM distance (not race conds) and came in at 2:22 and then again in May and came in at 2:07.

So, yesterday was the big day 28/09/14. I upped my mileage significantly over the last several months and I was being rather realistic with my HM estimated finish time - hoped for seconds under 2 hours but figured I'd probably be a few minutes just over 2 hours! I had a mate from work who was also running the race and out of the many people she spotted me and we set off together. The weather was fantastic and the race atmosphere was electric. I felt pretty strong as I knew I had put the time and effort in (been doing strength training and doing 6-7 milers on grass over the last few weeks). I knew I was capable of HM distance as I have done twice before in limited training conditions. Fast forward to the finish line..............................................1:56:43.

I was so so elated.....a years worth of training has culminated in me doing a sub 2 hour HM. Not only was I delighted to finish the race, but to have bettered my expectations, I feel this journey has been so worth it. I am also two and half stone lighter and have had many a compliment. I feel truly blessed - work hard, eat well, enjoy running and appreciate your health is the key to success. I hope to do a few more half marathons now, and then maybe Robin Hood full Marathon in 2015. Best wishes to everyone once again thanks for your guidance and support. What a fantastic, encouraging and positive community you all are!


Just had my chip timing confirmed as 01:56:38 - so ecstatic!!!

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Wow that's amazing, and another very inspirational post on this site! Well done :)


Many congratulations ! That's a great story and a fantastic result.


Wow! That's fab news. Great news about your fab time!!!!

Big up there for C25k! It just shows how we can turn our lives round if we just get up off our bums isn't it. Well done for sticking with it. It sounds like you really enjoyed the race! I fancy doing that one and had ummed and aaahed over it but thought it was too soon. I'm doing the Worksop one at the end of October though and am training for it now

I have been running a year now as well. It soon goes doesn't it. It seems like just yesterday that we were taking those tentative first steps.

Good luck to you with your running.


Congratulations! a great tale of grit and determination reaping rewards! What a feeling to get under your 2hr target! :)


Wow, that is a GREAT time, and all that in a year. You should be proud! Congratulations!!!


Wow what a great result! Well done :) You obviously put so much effort and thought into your preparation and it all paid off. It really is a great program that changes peoples lives. Amazing !


Excellent. I can only dream if such a good time.


A superb achievement for a year's running - it does prove what we can do if we put in the work and believe in ourselves. And what a great time! No wonder you are grinning from ear to ear. Congratulations.




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