HM is it feasible?

I have been meaning to get up to HM distance all year and without an event to train for I haven't started.

Today I have seen there is a half marathon in August, i didn't think they were doing it this year! I really want to do a HM like all you lovely people. So here are the problems:

1) Its 10 weeks away -Usually training should be 16weeks?

2) Secondly it will be hilly- the same hills i had to tackle in December and not been to since - I get started with this route this week

3) I have hanging out at the gym too much and weekly kms of running outside have dropped, however i know i can do 10km comfortably.

4) I go to Costa Rica in July for 2 weeks, i am not sure what running will be like -Humidity is just about bearable for short runs but long runs its a no for me, secondly not sure if there will be a suitable roads and paths.But i can pack my trainers and give it a go.

5) I have a plan and thinking of using this but it only takes me to 17km - I am hoping this will be ok- as i don't think i will have enough time to push to the full hm distance and have time to recover for the race.

My question is this just a push too far?


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  • Getting to 17 k is usually enough. You are cutting it fine but if you want to give it a go then by all means do. You'd kick yourself if you didn't. Your training will determine how ready you are come the big day. You'll know soon enough if you can hack it or not. If it's got hills in it then train for them and include them in your training. Come race day you can walk the steeper bits. I found that those walking the steep bit of hill were making more progress than I was. I was running. It was a waste of time so I walked too. It saves puff.

  • Yeah that is what i thought its very tight :( - good tip about the hills. I think walking does helps gives you a bit of time to recover before going again. I will just have to see how the training goes like you said.

  • Hello Vixchile!

    I think if you really fancy it then you should pull out the stops and go for it!

    You don't need to beat any Olympic records ... is 17km not the standard distance to train up to pre-HM anyway? As i remember you're rather a fan of a bit of hill climbing aren't you?

    A friend of mine lives in Costa Rica and i'm sure she's told me before that July is often a fresh dry month in the middle of the rainy season - i think the evenings are always fresh and cool anyway, especially if it does rain earlier, so you can do your two long runs later in the day! (Maybe your timing is so perfect you'll be on your taper week for your second CR week?) She is up on the North coast on the Pacific side. She also runs, all the time, on trails and paths and lots of cycling too!

    I think you'll be absolutely perfectly fine ... get clicking and enter!!!

    All the best :-)

  • Yeah I know i don't want to break any records i just want a new challenge as i feel like my running is a bit aimless at the moment. Apart from just trying to improving my time. Like you say as long as finish i am not aiming to break any records so i will give it a good go. i think i will have to sign up and as race places go very quickly here -especially in my neighbourhood. I hate wasting money so if i have to walk it i will do.

    Thanks for the tip about costa rica - we are going to the middle and then to the Pacific Side (North) too so that is good to know there are lots of paths, as i need to do 1X 17.7km out there. I will send my partner to play golf and i will go for a long run or he can cycle with me.

    Thank you for the encouragement - I will be officially starting the plan tomorrow but I will count yesterday run as part of the plan. I will just have to give it a good go and see how it goes and hopefully be able to do the distance.

  • There you go! Sorted! Easier than buying a jar of marmite!

    I think if i was you i'd take my guy cycling next to me on that one Vix - 17.7km all alone in a Costa Rican jungle isn't necessarily sensible?!? You might stumble upon a monkey colony or something and he'd miss them for one!

    Tick tock tick tock every day's going to count now, "aimless running" has been booted out the door!

    Just one more thing ... you WILL be able to finish, in style!

  • Good point I wouldn't want those monkeys to spot my Garmin and ambush me on my running route. I better bring my partner along for protection 😉 just in case they get any funny ideas

  • You can do it! Did a hilly one, trained only 8 weeks, longest run was 16 k... I wasn't ging for any record breaking time, and I was run/walking it , just wanted to do it and get to the finish line :) I loved it ... and planning on another one!

    Oh I should add that it was my very first event - I never did a Parkrun, a 5 k or a 10k before...-;)

  • PS just noticed that on the right on the screen there is my post with nearly the same title ... it also has my training plan - that I had not exactly followed..

  • That is great to know you managed it 8weeks and it was hilly. I think i will be out on the hills on tomorrow. I think it will give me sow focus as struggling with running, not the actual run, it just feels like i am going through the motions without a real goal to achieve. My aim will just be to finish too and actually any time will be a new PB :) I will also have a look at your post with your training plan. Thank you !!

  • Did you really do that? WOW! I am humbled! Amazing :-)

  • Um, I think your maths may be a little off. If you are comfortably doing 10k then even adding only a km a week would take you to 20km in the ten weeks you have available. If you followed the 10% rule it would take you to just over 25km, so yes a HM is easily within reach, eve if you take a couple fo weeks out (and assuming you can still do shrt runs in those weeks, dropping the long run won't make a difference).

    Also, as Bop9 points out, most training progarmmes don't take you further than 17 or 18km before race day anyway.

  • Thank you! It is also good to know if I don't manage to get my second 17.7km run in Costa Rica I won't be the end of the world. I think I will have be able to get some runs in no problem looking at what bo peep says. So I guess I will sign up when the website opens. I looked at last years route and if it's the same I should be able to train on the route over the next couple of months.

  • Yep that's right! Put it on me! No no no problem, i'll carry this one on my shoulders as i'm absolutely sure you'll get on perfectly fine and sail through your first half - you have that determined streak!

    Also, if you'll have time while you're in CR, give me a shout and i'll put you in touch with the scuba diving centre where my running/cycling friend works.

  • LOL :) We are just listening to your wise words!!!

    We don't know how to dive :( its a real shame as my partner really wants to learn but i am bit scared. If they do lessons that would be great - if we are in the same area - we might have some time! I will contact you about it nearer the time. Thank you!!!!

  • Okey dokey!

    Everybody has to start somewhere with diving so yes, you will always find brilliant confidence-boosting skills-imparting intro courses/sessions . . . :-)

  • :)

  • As Rignold says, you've got "plenty" of time if you follow the 10% "definitely not a rule but a general guideline that is often helpful". In fact, by adding 10% each week you can double your distance over 8 weeks. Throw in a recovery week halfway through and at the end, and that way the answer is exactly 10 weeks.

  • Thank you - I know you have done a couple of these HM's now !! I am going to use the Asics plan and see how i get on with that and stick with the pace it states. I am excited about doing it, fingers crossed it all goes to plan.

  • I really enjoyed running in Costa Rica (minus the heat). Are you planning on going to Monteverde? Great for running hills if you are.

  • Unfortunately not, we have tried to keep our trip to costa simple as we a few destinations planned this year so we are arenal and the coast (pacific side). Did you go? It is meant to be amazing.

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