Slowly shuffling along - what is the alternative?

2 shuffles ago (Week 2 Run 3) I was half way through a 90sec run section, doing my best and was passed by yet another dog walker and I thought to myself "what is the bleedin' point? I'm so slow, I'm not improving at all!"

I was running in the park, the sun was out, the birds were singing, lush green grass and all was well in the world.

I realised THIS is the point. To be out in the open, appreciating the world I live in, doing something positive.

Ok so I'm really really slow, for the moment, but what is the alternative?

Giving up at week 3? Sitting at home watching rubbish TV being bored to death?

If I gave up now I would never know what I'm capable of. So on I went.

I'm now on Week 3 Run 2, still slow as a snail but I truly didn't think I could do 3mins shuffling but I can. My knees hurt like crazy, but I'm alive and I have a sneeky feeling that I could just do this.

In my post run shower I was thinking about what my "non-food" reward would be after completing the 9 weeks. I thought, you know what, just getting that graduation badge would be my reward. Being able to run non-stop for 30 whole mins is my reward. What better reward could there be to myself than, for the first time in my life, to actually follow through and finish something.

I don't need new clothes, a manicure/massage, shoes or whatever. What I need is to believe in myself, that it's not all talk and have the undeniable proof in that 30min run, that yes, I can do it. That is my reward.


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  • What a lovely post, you've reminded me what my own real reason is for doing all this is. Well done!

  • Great post,so positive, very inspiring, I will take you with me on my next run..telling myself that I CAN do it. Thank you :-)

  • Hi there from a fellow shuffler.......I am now on week 5 run 3 and about to go out and attempt the dreaded 20 min run...GULP! I wouldn't have gotten this far into the programme if I hadn't taken it slow and steady. Remember this is not a race,you go at your own pace. For me this is all about making a change for the better,and that change is going to mean different things to different people.For me I am slowly losing weight,I feel fitter and most of all I have a stronger mindset. I often don't want to go and run ,but I make myself go and feel so much better after.

    Whatever your personal goal is ,good luck. From your positive post you sound as though you have the right mindset to do this .......keep going ,that shiny little badge is waiting.

  • Good luck for your 20mins. I can't even imagine that yet but it's funny how I start every week thinking there is no way of me running for such and such a time and then I do it.

    I keep proving myself wrong but in a good way.

    Just need to keep the faith.

    Happy running.

  • treat yourself to some new shoes anyway it cant hurt can it;)

  • Great post. It's about distance more than speed so keep on shuffling !

  • Keep going, you have a lovely outlook and you will get there in the end!

  • Congratulations and well done. It's important to go at the pace that feels right for you because you can go further and will probably be in a comfortable fat burning mode. I run very slowly also but this doesn't worry me because like you I feel fortunate that I am able to do be out there doing something. Keep it up.

  • What a lovely post. The point of doing this is that you are doing something to make you fitter and healthier. Don't try to be too fast as you will just feel defeated. Better to go at a slower pace and complete. Good luck and keep up the positive thinking. Happy running.

  • I hear you about being overtaken by people that are walking! Lol. Even though I feel I go painfully slow, I need to remind myself that I'm still able to run heaps longer than I was when I started the program and my fitness level has gone through the roof. Sounds like you have a positive attitude so keep it up! Better slow and steady than to push yourself too hard and not be able to complete the program. We have a lifetime after C25K to work on speed anyway. Happy Running! :)


  • I was overtaken by a dog walker in my graduation run. :D It made me laugh so much that I carried on running after the 30 minutes was up, and went on to 40 minutes. I still didn't run 5k, but who cares? As you say, it's about getting fitter and doing things at our own pace, however slow that might be.

    I've since run 10k (once) - it took me 100 minutes, but I'm pretty proud of keeping going for that long, even though it was really slow.

    Keep on running (but do look after those knees - you need them on your side!). :)

  • Thank you - your post made me chuckle. You give me hope.

  • Well said :)

  • I like your attitude, keep it up.

  • hi, your post is very positive and inspiring. :)

  • I loved this post, especially the sun shining and the birds singing. You made me chuckle because I was exactly the same in the first few weeks. I walk pretty fast, at around 4mph, and when I started the programme there's no way I was running faster than that, so I did start to feel 'what's the point?'. But you're right - graduating to being able to run 30 minutes, being fitter, being proud of what you're achieving - that's the point.

    And you will get faster as well. I still consider myself a plodder, because there are lots of serious runners bounding around where I do my run, so I constantly get over-taken - but I have finally started to overtake a few other people, which I never would have thought possible.

    Keep at it, and enjoy :-)

  • Thanks for all your comments. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

    I have this vision of all the runners doing the C25k as a sort of secret network. (I love thrillers and do have an over active imagination so please forgive me).

    As I'm plodding along my streets/park I think of the 100's of others across the land from the tippy top of Scotland to all the way down to Cornwall thinking the same things, feeling the same way.

    When another runner runs past with thier headphones on I wonder if they are also listening to Laura.

    It is a great comfort and keeps me at it.

  • I love that vision - all those runners with their headphones, maybe they're listening to Laura too... Like our secret little personal trainers all silent on the outside but smiling on the inside...

    I'm at exactly the same point as you and have just found this site which is quite wonderful - seeing how many people have made it so far in the program, but also made me wish I was there already! Anyway - I look forward to keeping track of how you're going, compare notes etc. you've done great already! Getting out for each run seems such a milestone I'm constantly congratulating myself :) haha

  • Yes, every run for me is a mini triumph on my way to that 30min holy grail.

    This is a great site, everyone is so helpful and positive.

    So much better (for me anyway) than being screamed at by an angry personal trainer doing Boot Camp or similar and paying for it!

    Here's to Week 3 Run 3 tonight.

  • Great post and you're right, it is all about being out there, doing your best (not someone elses!) and achieving something just for yourself. There's a great song in W5 about 'the trees and the birds and the flowers in bloom' which sums it all up. Don't worry about slow - snails still whizz past me - but the point is that it's fast for me and as St Laura says 'Any run is better than no run at all' Good luck with the rest of C25K. You'll do great - you've got totally the right attitude! :-)

  • I'm currently in week 7 and for the first 4-5 weeks I was running at a walking pace. I.e. walkers were sometimes overtaking me. But once you get to the point were you're not completely winded after each run, you can start picking up the pace bit by bit. It's amazing how quickly the body can adapt to running. I still can't believe that I'm now running 25min...

  • Thanks, that gives me hope and an idea of when things start to improve.

    Going from struggling up the stairs to a whole 3min run now, I do enjoy my shuffle regardless, but maybe it is a gentle reminder that one should be picking up the pace when a walker strolls by!

  • Just ignore them and keep going. You'll get quicker when it's time :)

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