Finished Week 7 on a high! β˜€οΈ not that kind of a high! πŸ˜‰ I'm so happy Week 7 ended with a nice run, as my last run was a bit if a toughy! The sun was shining, birds were singing and some butterflies were flying along side me! (ok now I do sound like I'm high!) I've also decided my favourite running song is 'Happy Feet' it's so uplifting! Does anyone else have any favourite songs to run to? Happy running to you all! πŸƒπŸ»


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9 Replies

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  • Well done! I'm still battling on with week 7 but I know I'll get there soon.

    Good luck with week 8.

  • Know what you mean Glossy. Completed w7 r1 tonight - was a hard one. Which run are you on?

  • Hi, thanks very much and good luck to you, I know what you mean though Week 7 was really tough, for me I really felt I was battling my mind and body to carry on. I think it is like a shock to the system! :)

  • That sounds like a lovely run! Getting visions of a disney movie! ;-) I had sun, but no butterflies on my run!

    Is Happy Feet on the podcast? I found myself singing along to the song "I've got both feet on the ground..." as I did my laundry yesterday - the horror! I do like to run to it though, haha. Started w7 today and didn't think much of the music tonight, mind you, it was a hard run. Good luck with w8.

  • Haha, glad you had a bit of sun for your run even if no butterflies! No, I use my own playlist on my iPhone and it runs along while I have C25k app on which is good - then you can have all the music you want! Good luck with your running too! X

  • Hi futurefit,

    Well done on your progress, I've completed week 7 run 1 only so far and had to add in a little walking as I'd overdone it at a parkrun at the weekend, oops!

    How do you use your own music with the app? I'm not technically minded at all so not even attempted it but find the week 7 music particularly uninspiring!

  • Hi there, thank you and well done you too. Good you are doing the park runs too! I hope to do one of those in a couple of weeks. Well, when I had C25K app last year I know it played music along with Laura speaking but then I deleted app (on my iPhone) and when I reinstalled it, it didn't have music anymore, just Laura speaking. So I just went into my music (iTunes on my iPhone) and played an album/playlist from there and then started the C25K app and they both seem to work together. Hope that kind of makes sense :)

  • Ah right! I think my sister had the app where there was just the talking and no music. I'll have to try and find that one. I did my week 7 run 2 this evening and managed the whole run this time. I changed my route which definitely helped!

    Thankyou πŸ‘

  • Hurrah, congrats!

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