Wk 3 Run 3 completed!

I felt completely out of breath! Big but here though, I also ran up a couple of gentle slopes which in week one would have had me slowing to a walk. It's just these little tiny bits of improvement that are so amazing. On my last three minute run this guy came zooming past me making me look like I was going backwards lol! Can't wait to start week 4. Maybe should start describing myself as a runner, when I can catch that bloke up and overtake him. Mind you his legs are longer than mine he he!

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  • Well done! It is amazing the improvements that you make. I've just completed run 2 of week 6, I really can't believe it! The plan is brilliant :-)

  • Well done laurav33 you're more than halfway to completing the programme, and yes it's a great plan.

  • Awesome! I just did week 3 run 1 myself. Congrats to you!!

  • Oho catching me fast then!

  • You're a runner when you start doing it for its own sake.

    When you just use it as a means to some other end, you're an "other-ender" who has running in the toolbox. This includes running just as a tool to get the pleasure of "winning races". You're less of a runner, the more you're a racer.

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