Hello All!

Hi All

Just noticed I haven't been on here in a couple of weeks - don't worry i haven't got lost on a long run.

Not much to report here - I'm still putting the miles in and now I'm the happy owner of a Garmin so I've got another platform to show off on! I'm not quite sure how it all works but I think you can connect with me here: connect.garmin.com/modern/a...

Hope everyone's enjoying their running and lots of love to people on the IC,


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  • Oh hello there!! (waves) :)

  • I cannot see your garmin thing - if you click on the padlock (top right on screen) and set it to everyone it will be visible - I'll send a connection request then :)

  • Hello AHS! Good to know you are still burning up the miles. I can't see your Garmin stats, just a padlock symbol. I think you have to turn off the privacy settings, though how you do that I've never worked out myself.

  • ...or tell us what your Garmin name is!

  • Hi All - I think I've unlocked it now. My handle is the highly original "StephenfromActon".

  • Ah wondered where you were !

    I will send a request too , I am poppypug on Garmin :-) xxx

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