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Week 8, run 1- struggling

After feeling euphoric because I completed a race for life I thought the last two weeks of the app would be easy! How wrong can you be?

Failed to complete the first run in week eight (first time I haven't completed a run)

Did the full run today and it was soo hard. I also have a sore knee so things are generally tougher at the moment. But I did it!!! Two more to go before moving onto the final hurdle.

As always any wise words would be gratefully received

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What is wrong with your knee? if it is an injury that is holding you back, rest till it is better.


I'm having twinges of pain every so often when I walk or twist my knee. It was fine when I ran today but it's really sore now. A hot water bottle has helped. Any thoughts on what the problem is?


If its any comfort, its not easy and to date, I can't say I have ever found running easy. With regard to your knee, I suggest strengthening your knees by doing some spinning of leg exercises. I stress I am not a doctor, but from my understanding and from what I have read, most knee problems are from the knee cap not being supported by the muscles correctly, the knee cap should from all account run in a grove, but because of the week muscles it is allowed to move around more than it should, sometimes resulting in damage to the cartilage , which from all account will grow back if you can get the knee cap to be were it should. I have spent time over the last 3 weeks in the gym just concentrating on leg equipment, my knee aches and pains have gone so far.


If you've got the muscular version of sore knees, yes, you're on the home strait. If it's skeletal, you probably need to be a bit more flexible about how you go about completing the programme. (But you know that already, don't you?)

I hope it goes smoothly from here till the end, having said all that cautious stuff.

For myself, I'll make a mental note that even in Week 8 there can be obstacles. It's not all coasting downhill from Week 6 down to the end. But us c25k folk relish obstacles, anyway. I'm the King, baby ...

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You sure are Gary! Keep going, you're doing a great job

Running does make you ache and get niggles but they soon sort themselves out as you get stronger, not just your legs but your whole body.

I started doing exercise DVD's at home and I found I was much better at running once I'd toughened up. Don't push too hard though at this stage. It's early days for you. You can build up nice and slowly but you'll get there safely

Good luck x

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