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Completed the c25k a week or so ago

Hello I finished the course over a week ago (great feeling btw) since I've finished I've been running 30 min plus but this week I ran 4 times instead of 3 and it's really taken its tool knee pain shin pain while running...

I've been trying to get to 5k in 30mins (at the moment I get about 4.5k in 30 mins according to my smart watch measurement) maybe pushed to hard ?

Anyone got any experience they'd like to share


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Oh dear. I did this too but six months after I graduated and had to take some time off with sore knees. We both ignored the 10% rule which is not to increase your total weekly mileage more than this. Adding another run to your week takes you significantly over this line.

Ease back, rest your knee, ice it and when it's feeling better then stick to three slow runs each week. This will build stamina and strength so that you will be able to run faster eventually, but it's a slow process. You're still a baby runner and your body has to get used to running further and faster.

Consolidate, consolidate, then build up slowly. It's the only way to go to avoid injury.


Thanks for your reply, and the advice.the daft thing is I knew I shouldn't of run 2 days on the trot but did it anyway.. always been my problem to impatient.

Great advice thanks.


I know. I'm a bit the same but we live and learn 🙂

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Well done for graduating. We are still just baby runners at that stage though, and still have lots to learn. You know you have overdone it, so rein back and build up more gently. Running is for life - there is no rush!


Take it easy - and get your Graduation Badge, see pinned post to the right.


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