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Not another pain!

So went out this evening for a run and it wasn't one of my best. For the whole 5k I had what I can only describe as trapped wind in my right shoulder blade. It was crippling and certainly hampered my progress. Ran with Rob and his westie and complained quite a bit on my way round. He runs a lot faster than I do but was patient and stayed with me. Just wondered if anyone else suffers from this pain and how do you either prevent it or deal with it?? Should have gone much faster and feel deflated. Need to stop this happening if I can.

All suggestions welcome

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Hi. It may seem strange, but a pain in your shoulder blade area can actually be from acid reflux or your gallbladder. Do you get indigestion or anything else like that?

I know when I first started running my gallbladder objected louder than my joints and muscles. I found running on an empty stomach and some antacids did the trick.

I hope you find your solution.


Oh dear I do have gallstones which could be the problem although very careful with food and don't have attacks. Will try running on empty and see if that helps.


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