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WK8 Complete

Ran my final run of week 8, still not easy but I am now convinced that I need to convince my mind that I can do this as I know my body will cope with it. Only 3 runs left to reach my goal and if I can work on my mindset I'm hoping I will start to enjoy them. I was really surprised on my way home yesterday when the heavens opened and not having a jacket decided to run the last part home, although short it was faster than I've been and I did it with ease. Proof of how far I've come. If only the longer runs were as good. Brilliant program.

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You're right - the last part of the program is all about mental attitude and overcoming those gremlins that whisper doubt into your ear while you run. Believe in yourself and the program and eventually, they will be beaten! Start planning your next, post graduation, challenge. It's easier to keep going if you have a new target.


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