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Wk9r2 shocked and stunned

This evening I decided to start my Runmaster pedometer app thingy when I actually started running, up til now I've been starting it when I leave home and recording the warm up walk and cool down as well. I have to listen to Laura on my cheapy MP3 player as my fancy "not so smart" phone was useless at playing the podcasts it kept freezing up on me which resulted in a lot of bad language, anyway I digress, so I wanted to know exactly how far I'm running in 30 minutes, to my great surprise Runmaster tells me I ran 5.27km in 32minutes (I kept running after the 30 minutes to where I start my cool down walk), quite honestly I'm flabbergasted as I felt like I was going pretty slow but I feel really proud that I'm running a full 5k, it is worth saying at this point that It has taken me approx 18 weeks to get to this point as most weeks I can only fit two runs in and early on I repeated some of the weeks as I was scared that my arthritic feet might give up the ghost if I pushed myself too hard too fast, also my muscles seem to need more than one day of rest between runs.

My creaky old feet do remind me they are there the day after but strangely they are not too bad when I'm actually running and now I'm thinking I might sign up for a park run so I have definitely got the bug!!!

Sorry for waffling on but I feel on a real high and find everyone's posts so inspiring, just wanted to share


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Wow! That's excellent. Well done

You must be very chuffed with that and quite right too! Not long to go now. Oooer. Enjoy that final run. Go steady and have a lovely time

Parkrun is great so get signing up !

Good luck!!!!!!

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Thanks miss wobble will do😀


Shocked, stunned and suitably proud of yourself I hope. That's pretty impressive :)


Yay! What a great post :-D and based on what other runners have told me in real life they would love to get to 5k in 30 mins. You must feel so pleased!


Thanks, I can't quite believe it myself really, I love how this program is so good for your self esteem, not to mention your heart!!!!


You're a right road-runner - go you! Congratulations, and roll in that feeling of satisfaction. You worked hard for the privilege.


Welldone Verity! That's great!! I also feel like I'm running quite slow and was wondering whether I would actually be doing the 5k by the end of the program but this gives me a little hope!!

Welldone you!!


I took a lot of encouragement from reading all the other posts on here so I'm glad I've given you some, which week are you on, I hope it's going well


Fantastic! It's taken me 2 years to get to 5k in 30 mins, so very well done. You have every right to be chuffed. Great run!! The others are right, you need to get along to a parkrun!


Thanks very much, I will definitely do a park run very soon


Well done Shaver, that is a brilliant time ! :-)

Parkruns are fab , go for it ! :-) xxx


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