I'm going to start this blog with something positive before going into the negative. I'm still running 3 times a week. And maybe this should be the most important thing, regardless of how far or fast i go - or how I do it.

However I have definitely regressed and I know why. I hate running. In fact I actually despise running. And I'm lazy. When I got to week 9 i just wanted it over and done with so I could then run without the pressure of having to do 30 mins every time. Or at least that's what I told myself. What I actually meant was that I knew I'd be able to stop and walk whenever I wanted.

In the weeks following graduation I tended to run for roughly 30 minutes, but have over the weeks got into the habit of walking a lot more, sometimes if I get a stitch, but often for no reason at all. I am just lazy. I decided to redo week 6 run 1 a couple of times to get some structure (and intervals) back, and then carried on running for a bit after that.

My last 2 runs, I haven't used the podcast, instead I downloaded some new music to see whether that would help. This morning I did 5k in about 43 minutes running and walking (and shivering because it was cold at 6.30am!!), which isnt too bad for me as I've never been anywhere near the 30 minute mark.

I'm moving house next week, so I'll need a new route, and it's an opportunity for a new start, but I'm not sure what to do. Simply maintain my 3 runs a week running and walking when I want? Or maybe redo the programme from week 6 onwards, though if I did this I'm not sure whether I'd end up in the same position I'm in now, again. Or something else.....


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  • I know what you mean as i am the same. Thats why i started doing the Parkruns. I found last week that i was ready to walk and a lovely lady in front of me wouldnt let me walk. You know what? I kept on running and even had enough energy for a sprint to the finish! I find it hugely helpful to run with others. I dont know if you have tried that but if i hadnt, i would have given up after the first week, (i am only on W3 now!) Keep going, you know you want to. Ed

  • Thanks for your advice!

    I haven't run with others yet. The reason I didn't do any of the 5k+ podcasts (bar stepping stones which I didn't like) is because I wanted to get comfortable running for 30 mins first (which clearly hasnt happened!). And the same reason for not running with others/doing a Parkrun. I guess I'm in a vicious circle - I dont want to run with others because I'm not good enough, yet I'm not good enough (maybe) because I dont run with others. Hmmmm

  • Hi Slater! May I suggest Stepping Stones/Stamina/Speed podcasts? They are structured and hard (well, for me!) and you really feel you are making progress. I also agree with BigEd regarding Parkruns -- excellent idea. Running to your own music is great, but the awful music Laura uses is perfect for HPB timing. Maybe we need the structure? Good luck, Delia

  • Cheers! I think in a weeks time after I've moved I might give those 5k+ ones a go. Maybe its my stubborness thinking I could do it alone, but I now think the structure is a vital part of it all - as well as the rubbish music :-)

  • Yeah, that rubbish music works -- I was all over the place with the Stones, Maroon 5 and what have you. Someone was blogging that they manage to run to Christmas music. The mind boggles ;-P

  • Some of us said we will run xmas day to cheesy xmas tunes....go on Delia join us - you know you want to..........!!! LOL x

  • I'm working Christmas Day so I have a good excuse to get out of this :-) but good luck everyone doing it!!

  • Ok, ok, you win. I'll try my best to become "undisciplined" and disobey Laura. Which songs do you suggest...Slade?

  • Or Wizard .... I wish it could be Christmas every day! Think I may post it as a question!

  • Gosh, reminds me of my teenage Christmasses ... do post the question :-)

  • Firstly slater well done on still getting out there 3 times a week - that's brilliant! It does sound that maybe you should try the 5k+ podcasts to mix it up a bit with longer runs. I haven't tried them myself as like you I just want to keep trying to improve my time on a 5k run but I am really enjoying it. I think moving house will be a great starting point for you to give something new a go and see what works for you. Best of luck! Sue

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