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Finished week 7 day 2

Wow it was long and my leg muscles were hurting. I kept telling myself you can do this and I was relieved to finish. At 65 I track my heart rate and it stayed around 152 bpm. I was not winded so I kept going. I was waiting for my runner's high but it did not happen, can anyone tell me why? I have been riding my bike about 4 miles on my off days, ya think I should stop that and let me muscle heal? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Mike

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Hey, well done for keeping going! There's no getting away from the fact that it is hard work and takes quite a while to feel easier. I never used to love the actual running, but loved the sense of achievement when I finished - that was my high!

You can't expect it all the time, but just occasionally the running gods smile on you and you feel great!

Stick with it! By the way, cycling is great cross training so don't give up!


Thanks much for your words of encouragement. I will stay with the cycling thanks to your advise. I will keep you posted as it goes on Friday.


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