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Week nine, already?

Well, I'm on the last week!

Never thought I'd get here. Did the first run of week nine on Sunday after a two day rest and made the decision to do the same again before the second run - which will be tomorrow morning. Then Thursday and Friday off, run Saturday and...

I won't say "that's it," yet. I'll believe it once I've done it all, and 30 minutes is still a long time and Saturday is nearly a week away.

But I am getting there.

I did feel like crying when I finished the run on Sunday, I just couldn't believe I'd finished it. Walked to the meadow, in the rain, ran around it, ran home, ran around the block twice and then walked it one and a bit times for the cool-down. Was branded a "bad-ass" for running in the rain and was also greeted by my little one with "Did you have a nice time?" as I reappeared, dripping wet, at the end.

And the first ten minutes of the run are still the worst. Don't mind the rest, even if I am tired at the end that's just normal. Really don't like the first ten.

I have started obsessing about the rest of my daily routine too - number of steps, calories in, calories out, distance walked/run. Hopefully this will pass and I'll stop boring friends/family, though having bought my husband an activity tracker as well that he's getting obsessed about too, I don't really see that happening.

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That sounds brilliant! I'm due to do week 9 run 3 tomorrow - and I've no idea how I've got this far. I really haven't. I agree with you that the first ten minutes are the hardest! Definitely! Best of luck with the final week - keep posting, and keep running post C25K😊 I'll be there too, I hope !

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Well done to you almost a graduate... Xxx

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Well done you... I am due wk 9 r1 too , did final wk 8 on Sunday, wasn't it great in the rain? Xxx


Thanks! Just got back from the second run. So much (self-inflicted) pressure, but I made it!

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Well done! Nearly there now 😊


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