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W6 R1 without Laura!

W6 R1 without Laura!

I read a few posts about the first run of week 6 being hard after w5r3 and I completely agree!

First off, c25k nhs app stopped before it even started but I didn't have time to put the podcast on my phone so I went out with the zen labs app on and my weight coach app to see how far I'd gone.

I got a stitch in the middle of run, 1 my hands got swollen straight away so I was making fists and waving and squeezing my side for half the time lol

I'm glad I read the forum a lot because today's run was pretty flatulent which would explain the coaching app saying I was running at 7.4 miles an hour at one point hahah.

I'll be loading the rest of the podcasts onto my phone now onto a playlist so I don't have to use the app.

I don't even remember how far I went but I did note that my second mile was 3 minutes faster than the first, probably because of the longer run but I still feel I've achieved something and I should hopefully be able to get very close to 5k in 30 minutes by the end of it that would warrant a big slice of graduation cake lol

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Sounds like a toughy! Keep powering through, you're doing great ;)

I've had the pod casts cut out on me too, so I've not risked it this wk. I've missed Laura, but at least with Zen labs you can listen to your own music.

Mmm graduation cake sounds like a plan! I think I'll pinch that idea to spur my motivation when I'm further down the line! (Just completed wk 3)

Good luck with the rest of the week x


Some of the music was questionable, I started off with I've got to use my imagination (Gladys Knight & the pips) , half way round I ran into Close the door (teddy pendergrass) and ended up walking to Smile like you mean it (the killers)

I have a feeling the app has a sense of humour when it shuffles lol

I don't normally run with music so it was a change.

Definitely treat yourself to cake, or a tasty dessert. Or your food drug of choice actually anything you love!

Thanks for replying 😊


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